Steam Kiwi Features - Information for Developers

Posted by Etaew (May 19, 2017).

Dev Tracker

Track developer posts made on Steam Community by developers of your game, and display them on the Steam Kiwi website.

We can activate a dev tracker for your game, without the need for you to sign in to Steam Kiwi, just send an email to etaew(at) or tweet to @etaew with a list of steam profile urls for the developers you want to track. 

e.g. or 

The profiles will be checked to see if they have the developer flag on Steam for their game, and then added.

For an example of a Dev Tracker in action see: 

Reddit News

Submit Steam news posts for your game to your subreddit from Steam Kiwi.

We can activate Reddit news posting for your game, just send an email to etaew(at) or tweet to @etaew with the subreddit for your game.

A premium option will be available later to directly link to your Steam post instead of Steam Kiwi.

Managing Your Game

We can grant you access to manage the settings for your own game.

Creating a Steam Kiwi Account

You will first need to sign into Steam Kiwi with a Steam account (top-right).

Let us know the Steam Profiles of the developers

Next, send an email to etaew(at) or ping me on twitter @etaew with the profile URL of the accounts you want to be able to manage the game. Please note that this request must come from a verifiable source e.g. official domain / twitter etc of the game you are requesting.

e.g. or 

Manage the Game

The games you manage will also be visible on the Profile navigation drop-down.

On games that you manage, there will be a new Manage button.


You will be able to edit the settings for the Livestream Tracker (by setting the game name), and the Dev Tracker (by adding dev profile urls).

Future Features

The Dev Tracker and Livestream Tracker features that we host on the site are free for all games.

There are plans for the following additional features, either requested or paid:

  • Tweet News / Developer Posts / Livestreams to Twitter accounts of your choosing
  • Submit News to Subreddits via Reddit accounts of your choosing
  • Post News / Developer Posts / Livestreams to Discord channels of your choosing


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