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Telefrag VR on Steam Summer Sale!

Telefrag VR - July 1, 2020

Let's celebrate #SteamSummerSale with some gruesome gladiator shootout! Get #TelefragVR on a -50% sale! The offer will be active until the 9th of July.

A new YOU ® is ALIVE! – Explore the body with our bigger, better version now!

Sharecare VR - June 30, 2020

You may think that we forgot all about YOU, but we have been hard at work building the next-level upgrade to our hugely popular, highly-reviewed Sharecare VR app – Sharecare YOU ®.

v1.9.2 patch

Virtual Home Theater - June 28, 2020

Fix the ‘VR keyboard’ frame flickering when the HMD’s frame rate changes.

Second minor update

Cucumber Defense VR - June 28, 2020

The entomological army has come to the city. They have been infected with germs. For our homeland, soldiers! Pick up the pea gun and let them taste the power of the tomato bomb. Let's defend this last pure land and our cucumbers together!

Beta version with hardware decoding available for testing.

Virtual Home Theater - June 26, 2020

#1 Added hardware video acceleration.

v1.9.1 patch

Virtual Home Theater - June 26, 2020

Fix audio pops when changing playback speed.

The Steam Summer Sale is coming in hot!

A Fisherman's Tale - June 26, 2020

Get the Vertigo Games titles with a sunny discount until July 9th! ☀️

Journey For Elysium is 50% off during the Steam Summer Sale

Journey For Elysium - June 26, 2020

Journey For Elysium is 50% off during the Steam Summer Sale, which means you can now experience our VR adventure at the lowest price ever. For only five golden coins, you'll be allowed to cross the River Styx and discover the many mysteries hidden in the ancient mytholigical underworld.

Holodance Summer Sale: 50% off!

Holodance - June 25, 2020

For those of you that don't own Holodance, yet, this is an awesome opportunity.

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