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Community Meetup - Party on a Yacht

Sansar - 1 day ago

⛴️Placido e il mar, andiamo!⛴️

Upcoming VR support: Oculus Rift

Discontinue - 1 day ago

More VR HMD support on the horizon.

Demo Hotfix: fixed missing text from tutorial of demo version

COMPOUND - 2 days ago

Sorry to anyone who was inconvenienced by this issue. It should be fixed now.

[Last day Notice]

Assassination ClassroomVR Balloon Challenge Time/暗殺教室VR バルーンチャレンジの時間 - 2 days ago

This app's last day(the end of selling) has settled to 28th, June.

SojournVR is being retired

SojournVR - 2 days ago

The development of this game has been extremely slow over the last 6 months because I wasn't able to work on it full time anymore and today I have recently decided to retire the game from the steam store.

Surface Grids Lasers | Dev Update #6

Universe Sandbox ² - 2 days ago

GIF: A "heatmap" of vapor amounts shifting on Earth.

1.1.08 out

Merper VR - 2 days ago

Minor push today that updates SteamVR libs and changes the way the syncrhronization happens with the compositor hoping that will fix the black screen on the headset issue some people are seeing. Please let me know using the forums.

Mosh Pit Simulator "Giant" Update!

Mosh Pit Simulator - 2 days ago

I just pushed a new update for Mosh Pit Simulator! Make sure to check it out! This update lets you summon planets into the city and gives you a special syringe that lets you manipulate object sizes! Check it out!

Our games are a huge update (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Fear Simulator - June 23, 2019

1: the lighting effect of all scenes has been upgraded!

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