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Update 19/02/2020 WORKSHOP INTEGRATION !

WAR DUST | 32 vs 32 Battles - 19 hours ago

Thank you for playing War Dust!

5089 Sequel Coming! Share ideas be considered for testing in Discord

Frantic Freighter - 19 hours ago

Come chat about the upcoming open world 5089 sequel! What do you want to see most in it? Want to be considered for testing? Join the Discord:

Free Company VR Patch #4 - Physics Update

Free Company VR - 21 hours ago

The combat physics rework is now available along with some other adjustments.

Reiko's Fragments: v0.7.2 Released!

Reiko's Fragments - 1 day ago

Added Scoring System - Mobile Players are able to score points based on their actions.


BONEWORKS - 2 days ago


Battle Damage VFX Preview

BattleGroupVR - 2 days ago


PAX East - Indie Megabooth!

Until You Fall - 2 days ago

Schell Games and Until You Fall will once again be joining the Indie Megabooth at PAX East! Stop by and say hi to the team, and if you let them know you're a member of our discord ( you might just get something fun!

Patch Notes - February 18, 2020

AltspaceVR - 2 days ago

Fix hue selection in world editor color wheel

Check out full VR MOBA tournament

Cradle of Sins VR - February 18, 2020


Lighting, Editable Heads, Popular Online Category, and Basketball Updates

SculptrVR - February 17, 2020

I didn't post an announcement for the previous three big updates, so I've rolled all 4 update notes into one here!

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