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Release Date Set!

We have a release date! Orb Labs, Inc. will launch on June 11th, 2018, 11am PDT / 8pm CEST (that's 6pm UTC or 2pm ET)!

Orb Labs, Inc. - 7 hours ago

[Inside Bless] Tame the World of Bless

Today we will be introducing you to the monsters that you will be able to tame beginning May 30 (or May 28 for those with a head start)!

Bless Online - 12 hours ago

Small update to fix grip button not working for some users.

Just a small update to fix a bug causing some users' grip buttons not to work at all.

Mind OVR Matter - 23 hours ago

Beat Saber v0.10.2p1 released

This small patch should fix possible "black screen" bug on start which was caused by loading invalid config file.

Beat Saber - 1 day ago

Left-hand love + better hand angle

Some left-handed players expressed that they wanted to control the drone with the left controller. Oddly enough this didn't show up during testing - all the left-handed testers control with their right hand for some reason :). But of course you should be able to play the way you feel comfortable. Switch handedness in Options.

Drone Hero - 1 day ago

Black screen / Far Menu bug fix

We found a small bug in Beat Saber which causes black screen on start or the whole menu is in the distance.

Beat Saber - 1 day ago

Arc Surfer Update (v0.4.3)

Become a better Arc Surfer with enhanced training.

Arc Surfer - 2 days ago

Update 10 - Spring Cleaning

We're excited to bring you Update 10, our special Spring Cleaning edition. It's the proverbial 'tock' to our tick-tock release strategy of delivering new gameplay one update and improving core systems the next. We did a lot under the hood and a lot in preparation for future updates (and new unannounced projects). Read on for more details.

Late For Work - 2 days ago

[ info ] the next update...Doll city

Hello fellow doll-citizens,

Doll City : Prologue - 2 days ago

Multiplayer Stress Test on 5/21

Come Thursday Arizona Sunshine receives a major networking overhaul as part of the Two-Handed Update, which will launch as a free update to the base game just in time for the Dead Man DLC.

Arizona Sunshine - 2 days ago

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