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Modbox Update v0.656 + Indev branch update

Modbox - 2 hours ago

We've updated the main branch of Modbox to 0.655.3, fixing a few issues caused by Steam's workshop changes:

Work in Progress

PROZE Episode I: Enlightenment - 6 hours ago

Vote for Hellblade for TIGA Game of the Year 2018

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice VR Edition - 7 hours ago

Voting is now open for the TIGA Game of the Year 2018! 🏆

Lite updated with all the cool features

Regenesis Arcade Lite - 8 hours ago

As we announced before, the full release of the game just received the biggest update ever, containing loots of goodies.

1.0.06 Hotfix

Gun Club VR - 11 hours ago

You might’ve noticed a quick patch released since 1.0.06, just fixing a few outstanding issues that popped up:


WORLDS AT WAR - 16 hours ago

-ScreenPercentage works again

Update Laser Sword (LightSaber)

World of Virtual Reality VR - 16 hours ago

Update Laser Sword (Light Saber)

[Producer's Letter] The Closure of the KR Server

Bless Online - 17 hours ago

Dear Bless Online players,

Soundscape VR update 6.0 releases today! Featuring an overhauled music visualization system with multiple modes styles, new lighting, new flying, and countless upgraded visuals to push your new 2080Ti to the max.

Soundscape VR - 18 hours ago

Soundscape VR expands across music genres today with a brand new customizable visualization system that is more beautiful and immersive than ever before, and works better with more kinds of music. "Energetic Flux" "Smooth Groove" and "Slow & Sexy Synthesia" will all blow your mind as you slip into one of our audio-reactive worlds where you can explore and discover, draw and create, or just relax and watch - all are equally amazing experiences. Play your favorite music from any source or service on your PC, there are no beatmaps that need to be painstakingly made and modded here, Soundscape handles that all automatically! You just play your favorite songs and enjoy, it's that easy!

Showing results 1 to 10 of 12796 Next