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Patch 1.0.1

Cop Academy - 6 hours ago

Fix a bug which prevent to store that a game has finished and unlock some achievements.

March 23 Update

Another Bad Day in the Future - 22 hours ago

Sorry for the delay, moved across country and due to a comedy of IT errors, i had to rebuild a bunch of things (yay redundant backups so i didn't lose everything). But hey, that meant i could improve things as well. Here is a non exhaustive list of changes.

Giveway starting in 1H on discord

Tales Of Glory - 23 hours ago

Discord :

HTC almost here!

No King No Kingdom VR - 1 day ago

Good evening dear Kings and Queens, finally I’ve received HTC Vive so it is coming soon…


No King No Kingdom VR - 1 day ago

For the next update I prepared rideable Dragons. They are sweet friends of mine and ruling from over the sky feels awesome!

To my dearest grandson

Nevrosa: Escape - 1 day ago

Greetings William,

The Night is Young - Join us Before and After Comedy Gladiators

Sansar - 1 day ago

Before the pros take the stage, we'll be hosting an open mic for any comedian looking to try out new bits, run their sets, or tighten a loose five on the Comedy Gladiators stage.

Update 1.5.0

Dead Shot Heroes - 2 days ago

More end game statistics - you can review

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