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Containment Initiative 1.74 Performance Update/Engine Upgrade

Containment Initiative - September 14, 2020

Update 1.74 is now available for all players. The big focus of this update is performance and optimization. All players will see between a 10-30% FPS boost(Depending on the situation/map/co-op). Minimum and Mid spec PC's will likely see the biggest improvements. There are also some small image quality improvements since I have a lot more headroom to work with performance wise.


Vengeful Rites - September 12, 2020

Hello, everyone! Today Steam Achievements go live! We've added over 100 achievements to the game for the completionists among you to to start earning those bragging rights! Admittedly, that's a lot--maybe too much--so some of the lower tier ones may get removed as we add more in future with chapter 4, but for now you've got your work cut out for you. Any higher tier achievement you unlock will automatically unlock the lower tier ones as well, i.e. defeating a boss on "Master" difficulty will also unlock the achievements for beating that same boss on "Apprentice" and "Novice" difficulties.

New bug fixes

Kodon - September 12, 2020

Hi everyone!

Tutorial, Magic Selection and Rift S Improvements.

Vengeful Rites - September 9, 2020

Hello, everyone. Today's patch brings with it some improvements to the tutorial section of the game that will help make sure important information isn't skipped and some tweaks to the Rift S controls to provide a better experience with the limited tracking it has.

More Quality/More Life

Vengeful Rites - September 4, 2020

Hello, everyone. Today's patch brings with it some nice quality of life improvements in line with some of the feedback we've received lately. If you've got any thoughts on ways to improve the game, please share them! Now's the best time as we've recently released a chapter, so we have a lot of time to refine things while assets are being created for the next chapter.

Quality of Life Improvements

Vengeful Rites - September 2, 2020

Hello, everyone. Today's patch is a small one bringing in some quality of life improvements and a bug fix or two. Keep the feedback coming!

A little update

Kodon - August 31, 2020

Hey there everyone!

Menu Overhaul

Vrerience - August 30, 2020

We would again like to thank you for the feedback we've received. Our users have offered us a great amount of inspiration to improve our program.

VR Paradise - Patchnote v1.6.3

VR Paradise - August 28, 2020

We have updated the main game, here is the patchnote :

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