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Changes From First Beta Testing Round

Puzzle Out VR - 11 hours ago

The first beta testing round has finished and these are the changes:

Great first week and new update is live

Tin Hearts - 16 hours ago

It's a week since launch and we've been super busy! We've had some great reviews:

Neat Discord Server

Budget Cuts - 17 hours ago

We now have a neat Discord server! Join us if you want to share your thoughts on Budget Cuts, discuss VR, or just hang out!


Go Outside Simulator - 22 hours ago

The game launches today! The graphics update that was planned to be a later update has been implimented and will instead be the launch build. More updates to come down the road.

Welcome to the Nostos Community!

Nostos - 22 hours ago

Welcome to the Nostos community! We are so thrilled about bringing our game on Steam!

Patch Notes ver0.1.2

TITAN SLAYER â…¡ - 1 day ago

Hello, all slayers!!

AltspaceVR releases new menu and walking options

AltspaceVR—The Social VR App - 1 day ago

Today's a big day for us. We been overdosing on caffeine and those peanut-butter-filled pretzel things (thanks Phil for bringing in the family-sized container) in order to launch our new menu. So what's the big deal about a new menu? Well, we've had reports for the last while that some users haven't been able to use AltspaceVR because their menus don't load. We tracked down the culprit to a plugin that our old menus relied on. We rebuilt our menus from scratch without the plugin in order to guarantee more users can get into AltspaceVR.

Hot Fix for Protection Puzzle

Vengeful Rites - 1 day ago

Hey, everyone. We just uploaded a hot fix for an issue regarding the protection spell puzzle not activating if you reloaded the game after acquiring the checkpoint there.

New Updates 11-14-18

Hotel Transylvania Popstic - 1 day ago

We added a new bonus level on DJ Mavis' Dance Machine featuring more complex lasers that you have to quickly duck and weave to get past while successfully deactivating the orb. Select DJ Mavis Dance Machine then choose the Laser level.

Vreal support for the latest Tilt Brush release

Vreal - 1 day ago

Howdy folks! Just a quick update to let you know that Vreal now supports the latest version of Tilt Brush. You'll want to apply the update to Tilt Brush first, and then update Vreal. HUZZAH! We can't wait to see what you make! :D

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