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WoG beta testing

World of Guns: Gun Disassembly - 11 hours ago

You may help us to release new version of the World of Guns!

Update 0.75.x: Character backgrounds, polish more...

Aura of Worlds - 12 hours ago

With this new system comes 9 different player trait/passive ability sets which allow for further customization of play-style.

Update v0.1.1

Settlement Zero - 12 hours ago

This is an intermediate update.

More info about temporarily disabling Solo and Duo matchmaking in NA servers

Ring of Elysium - 13 hours ago

Recently, we noticed that the matchmaking queue time on NA server are rather long, to assure the game experience for NA players, we were forced to take emergency measures and we disabled the Solo and Duo matchmaking modes on NA server temporarily.

New Game Mode: "Challenges" and some fix bugs

Noel's Hope - 13 hours ago

Noel's Hope is alive and developing :)

Alpha 0.9.10f3 changelog

Crooked Waters - 13 hours ago

[NEW] Added transition screen when the host has left the game

Full-On Paintball - Update

Full-On Paintball - 14 hours ago

An update has been released for Full-On Paintball.

Fresh content #1

Alder's Blood - 14 hours ago

We've decided to make a weekly series called "Fresh content" in which we will be sharing new, freshly baked stuff we're working on during each week.

Unreal Engine Announcement

KINGS - 14 hours ago

Hello Survivors!

Launch Success!! :D

Angel Light The Elven Truce - 16 hours ago

Thank you to all who purchase the game on his launch!

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