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Patch Update 5/27/2017

More, mostly minor, bugs addressed. The biggest change is that the Sally fight will save your progress after fighting the first form. See all changes here:

Boot Hill Bounties - 4 hours ago


Hello, friends!

Project Genom - 6 hours ago

0.31b Patch is Live! Arch Fedora are Supported

Hello Dear Community

Chessia - 6 hours ago

Luvocious is in the Otaku Bundle!

Get it now practically all month long alongside other great games for a low price!

Luvocious - 7 hours ago

-50% Discount

Artania with a new 50% discount! Enjoy it!

Artania - 8 hours ago

Snail Trek series now available for MacOS and Linux!

I'm happy to announce that Snail Trek 1-4 are now available for MacOS and Linux! Enjoy!

Snail Trek - Chapter 2: A Snail Of Two Worlds - 8 hours ago

Hot Fix UPDATE v0.9.23

Just a hot fix of the version 0.9.22 that cause the Gusaneitors (Orange worms) to lag the game.

Mechs V Kaijus - 8 hours ago

Last Tile in Bestiary

Just so that everyone is aware, the last tile in the bestiary was intended for a very difficult optional boss named Eowyn. The basic graphics were created, as well as an idea of the boss' attack pattern.

Darkblood Chronicles - 9 hours ago

Playtest extended until Tuesday 9.00am GMT

Another 24 hours of Post Scriptum for you guys who are in holiday tomorrow. We will be working hard on optimization for our next event, stay tuned!

Post Scriptum - 9 hours ago

Update Notes: May 27, 2018

This is a hotfix update to fix some bugs in Friday's major update. (A "hotfix" is just our term for any update that doesn't require you to download a new game client.)

Project: Gorgon - 9 hours ago

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