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Since the last news, we have done a lot of work on these things:

BIGFOOT - 2 hours ago

Update 1.0.6

- A Kat added to the the Leskova Den which sells a special MageGem.

Void Monsters: Spring City Tales - 2 hours ago

Pew Pew Pew

Ergastulum - 3 hours ago

Welcome to the Game II Trailer Now Out!

In case you guys missed it, the Welcome to the Game II trailer is now out!

Welcome to the Game - 3 hours ago

Tips Tricks for beginners (written)

Given that there are a few pitfalls when trying to get into the game, I thought it might be a good idea to give some basic advice for beginners.

Surviving Mars - 4 hours ago

Have you tried the mods yet? Thoughts and favorites so far?

One of the things that were decided from the get-go with this game, was that modding would be highly encouraged and if you look at the store page you will see that even the devs have been creating a few.

Surviving Mars - 4 hours ago

[Notice] Server is open!

Hello everyone, this is the Troubleshooter development team.

Troubleshooter - 6 hours ago

Launch Week Round Up

It's been a hectic week here at Pill Bug HQ. There have been ups and downs. We first want to thank our amazing community for being there for us throughout everything. It has been exciting watch things heat up on the leaderboard, rivalries have already formed on twitch and on the discord.

Cycle 28 - 6 hours ago

Major Content Update

Behind the scenes, we've been working on a big update that about quadruples the size of the single-player portion of the demo! We've also greatly reworked the approachability of the single-player mode with infographic training rather than the old forced tutorial. See the full patch notes below.

4 for the Money Demo - 7 hours ago

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