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Talisman - The Harbinger Expansion - detailed_description_changed View February 20, 2020, 11:56 am

Dark “Dark omens herald the end of all things. Fire rains from the sky, the sea swallows the land, demons stalk the world and the dead rise from their graves. In the midst of these dark times, great heroes are needed to face these new threats and save the world of Talisman from utter annihilation.


Harbinger expansion for Talisman: Digital Edition adds; 3 Characters 75 Harbinger Cards 10 Spell Cards 10 Terrain Cards 32 Omen Cards 2 Alternate Endings The Harbinger NPC (A mysterious figure warning of the apocalypse to come)


The end is nigh and it’s down to you to save the world of Talisman. Discover the Omens that are lingering over the land and win before the horrible future they predict comes true. Are you prepared to save the land?

The Harbinger is a mysterious figure that bears an ancient prophecy that foretells the end of the world. At the start of the game, The Harbinger is placed off the board until a player (not in the Inner Region) draws an Event Card. The Harbinger then moves to the space the Event was drawn. If a player encounters the Harbinger’s space they must roll the die and refer to the Harbinger’s roll chart. Once the in-play Omen is discarded, The Harbinger is removed from the board until the next Event is drawn.

Strength / Craft

Some of the enemies in The Harbinger expansion will have a Strength / Craft Value. If your Character encounters one of these enemies you can choose whether you want to fight the enemies in Battle or in Psychic Combat.

Harbinger Cards

Harbinger Cards are a new deck of cards that are only drawn when you're in the same Region as the Harbinger NPC. These cards cannot be affected by the Orb of Knowledge, the Prophetess' ability, or similar effects.

Omen Cards

Before the game begins, you must decide which set of Omen Cards you wish to use. There are four sets of Omen cards: Armageddon, Rise of the Dead, Stars Align and Shattered World. There are 8 cards within each set and they become triggered by effects throughout the game. If the stack of Omen cards runs out the game is over and there is no winner.

Ascendant Divine

As the world falls into turmoil, the Ascendant Divine’s powers and influence across the land grow to new heights. Can the land of Talisman be saved by their holy light? When playing as the Ascendant Divine:
You begin the game with 4 Spells, these Spells are your divine gift. These Spells do not count as Spells for the purpose of other effects and do not count against your Spell limit.
Whenever you gain Strength or Craft and have 4 of fewer divine gifts, you can take the top spell card and add it to your divine gifts.
Once per round, you can cast one of your divine gifts as if it were a Spell and it does not count towards your Spell limit per turn.
At the start of your turn you may discard 1 of your Divine Gifts to draw 1 Spell.


Sent from the Celestial City, the Celestial has come to save the land of Talisman from impending doom. With the blessings of the holy city, they are determined to succeed in their mission. When playing as the Celestial:
You are always good. If any effect would change your alignment to neutral, ignore it. If any effect would change your alignment to evil, ignore it and lose 1 life.
Your Craft Value is equal to your current fate.
After you roll the die to pray, you may ignore the result and replenish 1 fate instead.
Whenever you gain 1 or more lives, you may gain 1 fate. Whenever your heal 1 or more lives, you may replenish 1 fate.
When you attack an evil or neutral character you may choose to make the attack Psychic Combat. You may not do this if you are attacked. If you win you must take 1 fate from the loser.


Demons have taken control of this being’s mind and soul, transforming them into their evil vessel. The Possessed will drain life from others to fulfil the wishes of their demonic masters! When playing as the Possessed:
You are always evil. If any effect would change your alignment to neutral, ignore it. If any effect would change your alignment to good, ignore it and lose 1 life.
Your Strength value is equal to your current life.
Whenever you defeat an Enemy in battle you may heal 1 life.
At the start of your turn, you may discard 1 Stranger or Place in your space. If you do, you may heal 1 life.

End of Days

The Beast, a strong and powerful Demon, is guarding the Crown of Command. You must defeat him through Battle or Psychic Combat to win the game. If you’re killed you must discard the top Omen Card.

Armageddon Crown

The final battle has arrived. If you’re on the Crown of Command, you must roll 1 die against the roll chart. If another Character is present at the beginning of your turn, you must attack the other character rather than rolling for the Crown. While any character is on the Crown of Command, any player instructed to draw an Adventure Card must draw Harbinger Cards instead. If the last Omen is discarded, all characters on the Crown of Command win the game. If not, the last character alive wins.

  • 75 Harbinger Cards

Initiation - detailed_description_changed View February 20, 2020, 11:33 am

Start your initiatic journey into the meanders of the soul.
Every emotion, every color you will encounter make you evolve altogether with the world you live in.
Distress, fear, melancholy, joy, wonder are as much feelings and adventures you will face in this journey.
Observe, try, learn, evolve every choice can lead to consequences.

Initiation Chapter 1 :
    The first of the five chapters writing the beginning of your initiatic journey
  • A world of wonders : 4 different endings

Your Smile Beyond Twilight:黄昏下的月台上 - detailed_description_changed View February 20, 2020, 10:56 am

Steam Trading Cards are released. We also provide exquisite profile backgrounds and emoticons.

He thought he was invincible. He thought he didn’t need the pity or coddling of the world around him. He flatly turned down the concern of anyone except his parents.

Struggling through life with that mindset, he marched forward only to fall flat on his face.

Despair. He only realized only at his lowest how much he had taken for granted. He was neither a genius nor special. He was no better than anyone else.
But he realized too late.

Knowing how he once treated those around him in the past, he felt unworthy of help. As such, he willingly succumbed to his fate.

Even so, she dragged him out of that darkness and into the light. She gave him back his smile and made it brighter than ever. The world gave him another chance and gently embraced him, even though he didn't deserve it.

Finally rejecting his notions of invincibility, he returned to his hometown for the first time in six years, bringing her along with him. Still fazed from having emerged from such a dark period, he wondered what he should do as his next steps.

Then, something changed.

The moment he got off that platform and breathed in the familiar yet unsettling smell of home, the world around him changed in a few timeless instants.

As jarring as a cold breeze in the middle of July, another girl's voice enters the picture. No matter what sorts of dark secrets it may reveal, the work of providence itself ensures that what begins on the platform ends on the platform.

House Party - detailed_description_changed View February 20, 2020, 10:51 am

Once hailed as Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s worst game of 2017, House Party has been winning awards since it first emerged on the adventure game scene. This sexually charged, 3D point-and-click adventure is all about player choice and partying the way you want.

One big house, hundreds of choices, dozens of stories

Much like the hailed RPGS of yore, House Party contains intricate, branching narratives that drives our writing team to drink to excess. Every choice you make will have a reaction in your playthrough. Sometimes simple things can affect your party in the most magnificent of ways.

With thousands upon thousands of dialogues and a growing roster of over 13 characters, House Party’s gameplay starts with the conversations and grows with the decisions that are made along the way. With no true ending but dozens of ways to finish, the story is what you make it--and it’s got so much of that “just-one-more-run” replayability, House Party may as well be a rogue-lite.

To date, there are over 25 story opportunities to discover and complete, each telling a part of one of the many fun-filled stories that can play out. There are literally dozens of them!

Items and Interactions you won’t believe

To contribute to those killer stories, Madison’s house is jam-packed with over 50 items to interact with and change the environment around you. Want to change the music of the party? Find the mp3 player! Wanna get shitfaced drunk? Well, hopefully you know what to find. That’s only the beginning--the items you’ll find in House Party get absolutely insane.

And sometimes you don’t even need items to cause a ruckus. House Party is an adult game, and your character comes fully “equipped” to make some chaos all on their own.

NPCs (Not-Boring Party Comrades)

Tabletop Simulator - Cavern Tavern - currency 'USD' to 'EUR' February 20, 2020, 10:48 am

MapleStory (Original Game Soundtrack) : Arcane River - type_changed 'dlc' to 'music' February 20, 2020, 10:41 am

MapleStory (Original Game Soundtrack) : Arcane River - detailed_description_changed View February 20, 2020, 10:41 am

Arcane River was a new continent added to MapleStory during the highly anticipated V update. The music featured in the Arcane River area received a rave reception from MapleStory fans and has now finally been released in an original soundtrack album. The score reflects the variety of the different locations in Arcane River and exhibits a real love of detail. Highlight tracks include the melancholic "Lake of Oblivion", the playful "Expedition to Chu Chu Island" and the majestic "Lachelein, the Dreaming City". This album brings back all the wonder of Arcane River!

01. Lake of Oblivion 1:36
02. Cave of Repose 1:16
03. Extinction Zone 1:33
04. Expedition to Chu Chu Island 1:12
05. Welcome to Chu Chu 1:19
06. Lachelein, the Dreaming City 1:28
07. Shattered Time 1:50
08. Phantasmal Woods 1:34
09. Dream Fragments 1:24

Music by ASTERIA
Published by NECORD, NEXON

MP3 files will be downloaded to your MapleStory Steam Directory: ..Steam library music folder.

MapleStory (Original Game Soundtrack) : Black Heaven - type_changed 'dlc' to 'music' February 20, 2020, 10:41 am

MapleStory (Original Game Soundtrack) : Black Heaven - detailed_description_changed View February 20, 2020, 10:41 am

Black Heaven was the first multi-chapter content for MapleStory, featuring updated graphics, film production techniques, and new gameplay mechanics. A brand-new music score was produced for the 6-Act storyline. Cinematic tracks such as "Heaven Again" and the angelic vocals in "Promise of Heaven" received much acclaim and made this album our pride and joy. Players will recall every scene from the magnificent Black Heaven story when listening to the soundtrack, as if they were re-living the adventure. Be it the thrilling infiltration mission, mighty battles or mournful farewells, it is all provided in this long and colorful blockbuster album, Black Heaven!

01. Secret Mission 1:32
02. Rabbit’s Dream 2:14
03. Battle on the Deck 2:20
04. Black Heaven 1:49
05. Black Heaven (Parade Ver.) 2:06
06. The Doll 2:14
07. Junkyard 2:09
08. Hero Comes 2:08
09. Big Machine 2:15
10. Big Machine Mission 2:16
11. Gravity Core 2:07
12. Gravity Lord 2:09
13. Gravity Lord Rise 2:10
14. Heaven Again 2:54
15. Heaven Again (Reprise) 0:56
16. Promise of Heaven (Feat. Wataame) 2:21
17. Promise of Heaven (Feat. Wataame) (Inst.) 2:18

Music by StudioEIM
Published by NECORD, NEXON

MP3 files will be downloaded to your MapleStory Steam Directory: ..Steam library music folder.

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