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New Raid Quest this week-end: Supervillain Yamcha!

Posted by: Kimundi on steam_community_announcements December 9, 2016

Time Patrollers, get ready to fight a new supervillain: Yamcha!

The new Raid Quest will be available from Saturday, 14.00 CET to Sunday 14.00 CET.

All players who participate will receive 1 Hercule's Badge (Common)

Extra rewards:

  • 2 000 damage done: Yamcha’s Baseball Uniform Set
  • 5 000 damage done: Nickname [Everybody's]
  • 50 000 damage done: Universe 6 S. Kai's Helper's Hat, 20 TP medals
  • 100 000 damage done: Turtle School

If the boss is defeated at lvl 99, all players will receive 50 TP medals.

The 6-player team who deliver the final blow will receive an additional 100 TP medals!

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