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The Survival Update

Posted by: FromFenixFire on steam_community_announcements November 20, 2020

As promised, please enjoy our new update! This update hosts vast improvements, optimizations, and numerous features.


Survival Gameplay

At its core, Osiris: New Dawn is a survival game and we focused on survival mechanics to reinforce this style of gameplay.

  • The environment is brutal. Dust storms can be devastating, frigid temperatures can kill you, and even climbing can be dangerous. It is critical that you pioneer through the treacherous uncharted territories and invent ways to survive.
  • Your resources run critically low and your tools will deteriorate with each use. Repairing or crafting tools is a must in order to survive.
  • Be sure to find food and water. Every action you take will impact your hunger and thirst.
  • Night is intensely dark and excruciatingly cold. Finding a warm place to take shelter is critical for survival.


Improved Graphics

Now being fully integrated into a modern version of Unity, Osiris: New Dawn is taking full advantage of its latest technology.

  • Texture resolution increased throughout, shaders remastered, and custom shadow rendering added.
  • All new User Interface throughout. The UI is now fully anchored to fit any screen size and resolution.
  • Remastered terrain rendering using the latest techniques in erosion simulation.
  • High definition range lighting and post processing use the latest technology and visual quality.
  • 4K, wide, and ultra wide screen support. **Note higher resolutions use considerably more processing power to maintain framerate.


Performance Optimizations

Every aspect of the experience has undergone drastic and extensive performance analysis to ensure the best possible frame rate and memory usage.

  • Each feature has been optimized while maintaining full functionality to ensure fast performance with no loss in gameplay.
  • Texture memory has been fully optimized, eliminating the need for texture streaming, which saved 10-20 fps.
  • Overhauled AI systems using advanced pathfinding allow for incredibly performant creature AI while eliminating artifacts like creatures passing through walls.


Multiplayer Improvements

Private and public universe servers have undergone numerous improvements and fixes.

  • Public Servers are now cycled every two weeks, meaning you will have two weeks to survive and build before the server resets to a fresh universe.
  • Private Servers are still managed by each player without any time constraints.
  • Multiplayer syncing has been improved for more accuracy in player movement.
  • Multiplayer data has been upgraded for more balance and stability.


Known Issues

As much as we would have liked, we did not get to migrate some content to the new systems just yet. The following items are known issues on our to do list:

  • Some creatures from previous versions will not spawn as they need to be configured to fit the new pathfinding system.
  • Maps Zer, Aziel, and Proteus 2 Site A are under construction.
  • Three of the dungeons have been disabled temporarily.
  • If you have a character saved on Zer, Aziel, or Proteus 2 Site A the data is still compatible but the map will not load until these maps are restored. In the meantime, please create and play a new character.

As always, thank you so much for playing. We hope you enjoy this update as much as we had creating it.

The Fenix Fire Team

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