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Prison Simulator Prologue - official announcement

Posted by: Kai on steam_community_announcements October 19, 2020

Hello Guards,

[h3]You are great officers. Your service brings glory to our prison. Your games are extremely important to us. Even before the official release of the full version of the game, we are able to work with you, get feedback, and correct any mistakes. We make sure that even free samples of our game provide you the entertainment you want.[/h3]


[h3]We would like to officially announce that at the end of this year there will be a Prison Simulator Prologue - a free prologue of our game that will take you back to the past. You will have a chance to look at the rebellion that Richard and the warden mentioned. It is a very important part of the story, that's why we decided to show you that and let you feel it.[/h3]


[h3]The prologue includes the rebellion and a fragment of the game after these events. You will have many quests to complete. Prisoners will become your greatest nightmare. It is up to you how you deal with it.[/h3]


[h2]Prison Simulator prologue will be available for free on the Steam platform. [/h2]

[h3]Unfortunately, the release of the full version of the game is delayed due to the many larger launches at the end of this year and the work on the prologue. We are expecting to release the game in 1st Q 2021.
Thank you so much for your support. We do our best to make our game ready to release. Additional time will help us to improve very important mechanics like riot, execution, random events, side quests, etc.
More information will be given soon. [/h3]


[h2]Prison Simulator: Prologue - Steam Page[/h2]







Finally, we would like to sum up the Steam Festival. We are extremely happy that so many people have played a demo of our game! It is amazing how much support you show us and how nice comments you write under our posts. We are proud that our demo has been receiving such a warm feedback. You are amazing! [/h3]

[h2]Thank you![/h2]



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