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UPDATE - Free time changes, new mini games, better collectibles and more...

Posted by: Kai on steam_community_announcements November 9, 2020

Hello Guards,

[h3]We are glad you played our Halloween demo update. Many of you unlocked special achievement! To get it you had to collect all candies hidden in the prison. Wow! You are awesome.[/h3]


[h3]But Halloween time is ending. It won't be available soon.
Don't worry! We are working on another way how you can get this time-limited achievement if you are an achiev-hunter. More info will be published soon.[/h3]

[h2]It is the time to take a look at Free Time.[/h2]

[h3]A few days ago we asked you what do you think about our demo.
Your feedback is the most important for us, because without it we don't know what exactly we should improve. [/h3]

[h3]Today, we want to focus on Free Time. Some of you said there are not many mini games, you have to do always the same and the longer you play the more boring it is. [/h3]

[h3]In our demo you don't have access to all features.
You could visit shooting range, play darts and lift weights.[/h3]

[h3]We want to tell you a bit more about activities, that will be available in full version.[/h3]

[h2]1, Weapons cleaning[/h2]

[h3]This mini game will be available in the shooting range. when the gun gets dirty, it may not work properly. On the shooting range you will find a special stand that will make the cleaning process easier. You will find there cloths, ramrod and all necessary tools. We are also working on different weapons to make this mini game interesting and various.[/h3]

[h2]2. Lock picking[/h2]

[h3]Sometimes prisoners like to destroy something. One of their favorite activities is clogging locks. Your task is to get rid of the problem. Can you do it? You need to get inside the lock to be able to fix it.[/h3]

[h2]3. Clogged showers[/h2]

[h3]During the shower routine one of the prisoners decided to push something into the shower headset. Great idea, You have to take care of it now. Remember to look well. Sometimes it is just sabotage and sometimes it is a great opportunity to hide something illegal.
[h2]4. Fix a broken camera[/h2]

[h3]As a guard you want to know everything and see everyone. With the help of cameras it is even easy. But sometimes the cameras get damaged, hang up or just refuse to cooperate. Find a broken camera and look inside to fix it.[/h3]


[h3]We think that those mini games will be fresh, interesting and you will have fun! [/h3]

[h3]During the free time you will have vaious side quests to complete. You can get them from both quards and prisoners. They are connected to smuggling, finding lost items etc. Shhh! We don't spoil.[/h3]

[h2]The last thing for today is that we completely changed the Collectibles system.[/h2]

[h3]They have gained a new user interface, 3D preview and a panel in the journal, which allows you to check the progress and discover tips which will help you with the next items. The reward system has also been improved. For finding all 10 collectibles the player receives:
[h3]- $500 for the player (in-game currency)
- $500 for prison (in-game currency)
- a special skin for one of the items
- Steam's achievement.


[h2]That's all for today.
Have a nice Monday![/h2]

[h3]Cheers :)


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