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Update 3.5: "Crew Update" Now Released!

Posted by: Juwdah on steam_community_announcements November 18, 2020

Hey all!

The Crew Update is now live!
This update brings Drifter Attributes and Backstories, a daily Captain's Log and a Day/Night cycle.

We took a good look at the Crew, a.k.a your drifters.
Your drifters now start out with 90 possible Backstories giving them starting Attributes. These will increase their efficiency in certain aspects.

This update comes with a Day/Night cycle as well, where your drifter's schedules will revolve around.

Internally, we worked on our animation system and character clothing system to enable more variations in the future. Unfortunately, that will cause previous saves to break.

Enjoy the new update!

[h2]Early Access 0.3.5: The Crew Update[/h2]

  • Drifters now have attributes that will affect the speed at which they do things:
    * Construction: Determines a drifter's building speed.
    * Athletics: Determines a drifter's walking and swimming speed.
    * Nautics: Determines a drifter's boat travelling speed.
    * Desalination: Determines a drifter's desalination speed.
    * Crafting: Determines a drifter's crafting speed.
    * Research: Determines a drifter's research speed.
    * Cooking: Determines a drifter's cooking speed.
    * Fishing: Determines a drifter's fishing speed.
    * Salvaging: Determines a drifter's salvaging speed
  • Quirks have been replaced (for the time being) with Drifter Backgrounds. Every drifter now has 2 backgrounds to describe their life story. These backgrounds will determine the starting attributes of the drifters.
  • The game now starts with a crew selection window where you can see the looks of your new crew, combined with their backstory. You can re-roll characters here in case you're not happy with one of your crew members.
  • Added a day / night cycle to the game.
    * Your drifters will now go sleep at the same time, once the night hits.
    * They will eat and drink at the same time, when the day starts.
  • Introduced debuffs.
  • Reworked the way drifters handle their vitals. Health is no longer a statistic. Instead, drifters will perish after not being able to eat or drink for the 4th time.
    * Not eating, drinking or sleeping in a bed will impose a debuff to your drifters. These debuffs depend on which vital is low, and they will lower the attributes of the specific drifter.
  • A daily report is now available to track how many items your colony has collected and produced. This is always available, but a notification is sent at the start of each night.
  • Added additional drifter names.
  • Added construction:
    * Buoy Lamp: A decorative building to make your town more de-LIGHT-ful at night.


  • Added a variety of new looks for the drifters.
  • Increased size of drifters by 35%.
  • Added animations depicting each drifter attribute.
  • The character portrait shown on drifter select will now show an animation related to one of their highest attributes.
  • Added night-time visuals.
  • Added a rotating sun.


  • The house panel has been reworked to be more in line with the birdhouse panel.
  • The boat panel has been reworked to be more in line with the birdhouse panel.
  • Added a drifter overview with the heads of all your drifters. This also shows their current activity and debuffs. Clicking on the head will select the drifter.
  • Removed the drifter portrait from the drifter, boat and house panel.
  • Disabled the warning bubbles for drifters when a project could not be run.
  • Added a clock to the screen to show which time of day it is. This has been removed from the birdhouse panel.
  • Reworked the vitals section in the drifter panel to show the amount of days have passed without food, water and rest.
  • Added drifter backgrounds to the drifter panel.
  • Removed drifter diet from drifter panel.
  • Assignment panel now shows the drifter's respective bonusses.
  • Added a decorative buildings category.
  • Added 'Help us translate' button on the main menu.
  • Added next update to the main menu.
  • Updated text asset on the language dropdown.
  • Survival Guide has been slightly updated to reflect the new changes.
  • Some text has been rewritten.
  • Right clicking stacked notifications now closes all the notifications at once.


  • Improved birdhouse performance.
  • Reduced overall lag spikes when drifters were idling.


  • A day is 15 minutes, with the night lasting 10% of that time.
  • Drifters now drink far less, as they only drink once per day. This means the drifters drink 3 times less. We've reduced the amount of water found accordingly.
  • Attributes can now speed up the production process. As such, the default time for production on all producers that require drifters has increased.


  • Fixed issue where auto-saves could exceed the max amount set in the settings.
  • Fixed issue where storage wouldn't get checked when salvaging landmarks.
  • Fixed edge scrolling not working with multiple monitors.
  • Fixed camera being offset at the start of the game if edge scrolling is active.
  • Fixed assignment not loading.
  • Fixed drifters not checking their assignments between production projects.
  • Fixed issue where birds would get stuck in the birdhouse if they had to salvage nearby flotsam.
  • Fixed issue where continue button would not be shown in main menu if only autosaves existed.
  • Fixed drifters getting stuck in producers.
  • Fixed status on disabled buildings saying "Athletics" instead of "Inactive".
  • Fixed disabled icon not rotating when disabling / re-enabling buildings.
  • Fixed report notifications re-appearing after a save & load.
  • Fixed water or food staying reserved when a drifter dies.

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