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Update: True Colors

Posted by: Matt-FlyAwayNow on steam_community_announcements November 10, 2020

How ya doin’ pilots. Coming off of a burst of speed from our recent Gamescom appearance, we’ve kept that momentum going that will, as far as we can see, lead us right into release. (It’s sooner than you think we promise).

But we still have a little time, so we think it’s time for a little update just to let you know where we’re at, and to show off some cool things we’re finishing up behind the scenes.

AoA Module

AOA, otherwise known as Angle of Attack, is what we’re using as the offhand term for an AOA delimiter. What this means is perhaps more readily explained by example:

Here's a video link!

Paint Jobs

On a more noticeable content creation side, the paint jobs of our aircraft are all mostly squared away minus last minute applications and touches. Camo, tail-codes, the whole nine yards.

No promises for a speedy release, however there is a pipeline being developed where users can implement their own paint jobs, so that is something in the future we can look forward to, post-launch.


Project Wingman has four difficulties at launch, ranging from casual play to a truly hardcore, perhaps a little unfair, experience. Furthermore, these difficulties can be changed up by way of the game’s modifier system. Inspired by the skulls in Halo, these will change certain dimensions and aspects of play, ranging from damage scaling to HUD hijinks, all awarding a higher mission score if you’re one to chase after them.

My personal favorite is the gun only modifier, combined with a 2.5x damage increase globally…

Now Project Wingman isn’t intended to be played with them regularly, however, if you want to turn them all on and do a run of the Campaign with them on Mercenary mode, we’d certainly enjoy seeing you try.

VR Integration

While there's not much to be said on this one. We've received a lot of feedback from testers on how to make it an overall better experience. Mainly UI improvements but it's the little things that make it better for you!

Here's an example of some VR gameplay!


All of this spoken about so far is granular, of course, and this close to release the full breadth of what we could actually share with you would “give away the ghost”. However, to simplify it down to percentages:

Campaign: 95%

Conquest: 80%

Assets: 90%

Audio: 90%

Post-Production: 95%

Polishing: 80%

VR Integration Campaign : 95%

VR Integration Conquest : 70%

As you can see a lot of that is pretty close to 100%. So we won’t delay. The time is nigh, and we gotta get right back to work.

However that means another issue that we have to bring up: A demo. Given where we are it would be very difficult to release a demo, seeing as, more likely than not, a demo release would take place no less than a week before the game’s actual launch, and as far as manpower is concerned that is a risk we cannot take. That being said as I’m sure you’re more than aware, there are testers out there in the wild doing their own work on QA for the game as these final days approach. (Which we will be taking more of if there are more interest under NDA of course. Join our Discord to sign up, other testing avenues will come soon closer to release.)

As always follow us on our Twitter, Facebook, and join our Discord if you want to shoot the shizznits with us (RBD2 and FlyAwayNow) while keeping informed with PW news and discussion.

We’ll be seeing you sooner rather than later pilots, stay beautiful, check your six, and all that good stuff.

And as always, Thank you very much for your ongoing support!

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