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Adorable Crush beta test invitation!

Posted by: mgameltd on steam_community_announcements September 14, 2020

Hello everyone!
Our upcoming game Adorable Crush will be coming next month.
To prepare for it, we would like to hearing your feedbacks via a beta test event for everyone who is luckily chosen
[h3]Here is the instruction:[/h3]
- Entry time: From now to 05:00 PM 17/9/2020 (PDT)
- Beta time: 05:00 PM 23/09/2020 - 05:00 PM 26/9/2020 (PDT)
- Entry: Comment your number here to entry (from 1-100)
- Formula: We will use to random 10 numbers, who have commented that number (or nearest number) will be selected.
For anyone with the same number, earlier comments will be selected.
Hentai Crush

As a single man who desperately wants to have a girlfriend, you have been introduced to a lot of girls via matchmaking service. Let's seduce them and advance your relationship...

Developer: Mature Games

Publisher: Mature Games