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Trigon Space story announcement

Posted by: fairgamesstudio on steam_community_announcements September 22, 2020

Here it is! An unexpected, long-awaited and very cool announcement. in collaboration with Fair Games Studio work on awesome space roguelike game with tactical combat, social elements, co-op and other cool stuff, like multi-enemy fights. With quests, caravans and tough moral choices. It is your special epic adventure in space.

Project grows with coolest production from and game design and producing from us, right in a heart of Mari-El forests (check where it is - it’s awesome!), in a great town Yoshkar-Ola (try to say it correct) ;)

The guys are very tough! IWe’re proud of them!

Current stage: alpha, preparation for Early Access.

Where it will be: Steam first, then everything else

Wishlist it and follow here


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