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A Splash of Color

Posted by: Home Point Games on steam_community_announcements September 17, 2020

Keeping it short this month. Color Blitz is now available in the latest demo update! What's coming up? Well, let's switch it up a bit. Instead a new game or online's time for a new room.


The Mythlink room! This is where you'll be able to hang out and customize your Mythlink for battle. When will it be done? Not sure, maybe October, maybe November. It should be one of those two though. Details to come at a later date.

[h2]New Features[/h2]

The second speed game is available- Color Blitz. In this game, objects will come at you in three different colors. Players will need to touch each object with the controller of the matching color in order to destroy it and score points! Yellow objects need to be touched with both controllers to be destroyed. If you touch an object with the incorrect color, you lose points!

Adjusted the Collider for Baller Dodge, it should still be difficult but some of the hits shouldn't feel as "Unfair".

[h2]Bug Fixes[/h2]

Fixed a problem with the Energy Cannon ability lingering when it shouldn't.

See ya next month!

Other Mythlink News

Proceed With Testing

Mythlink - August 30, 2020

Good news! More rigorous bug testing has finally resumed. This means that the patch, available now, exclusively features bug fixes. The next speed game will debut soon (maybe Sept.), but in order to keep things at least somewhat entertaining I'll do a preview this month. Let's check it out.

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Mythlink is an upcoming VR-only monster battling game.

Developer: Home Point Games

Publisher: Home Point Games