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Board Games VR - Version 1.3.0 Available Now!

Posted by: arminelec on steam_community_announcements September 24, 2020

Greetings everyone!

As you've probably noted in the last beta announcement, I have been working hard for the past couple of months, to make it possible for anyone to side-load almost any content into the game. After beta testing it for the past week, it is time to release this to the public!


What's new

  • New: Side-load custom maps, games and music into the game (local file-system).
  • New: Steam Workshop support (maps, games and music).
  • New: Steam Workshop Uploader Tool. Now users can create their mods and publish to Steam Workshop using the built-in uploader tool.
  • New: Extensive documentation and guide on how to create, test and publish custom maps, games and music loops.
  • New: Sample projects for custom content creation.
  • Update: Complete re-write of the Teleport locomotion system.
  • Update: Teleport rotation using left/right thumbsticks on the controllers.
  • Update: Touching and grabbing interactable objects uses haptic feedback on the controllers.
  • Update: Grabbed objects move smoother.
  • Update: Main menu uses pointers to interact with (instead of direct interactions).
  • Update: Improved game startup time.
  • Update: Improved online multiplayer system (under the hood, no visible changes)
  • Fixed: Core: Custom board, checker pieces and game content fail when uploading to Steam Workshop.
  • Fixed: Core: When changing environments, sometimes objects start re-spawning.
  • Fixed: Core: Multiple audio listeners are present when [re]loading environments.
  • Fixed: Core: Sometimes music playback gets corrupted when starting the game and remains corrupted until the game is fully restarted.
  • Fixed: Multiplayer: In online multiplayer, player names are not visible. This will be fixed once Steamworks issues are resolved.
  • Fixed: Multiplayer: Online: After the host got disconnected and connected again, neither players could continue playing the ongoing game (could not pick up checker pieces).
  • Fixed: Multiplayer: Online: The text meant for player 2, is visible to player 1 after player 1 was reconnected, instead of the correct text meant for player 1.
  • Fixed: Multiplayer: Online: In non-VR mode, player 1 and 2 look at the board from the angle of player 1. Player 2 should be able to look from the other side.
  • Fixed: SFX: Collisions do not always produce audio at the collision point.
  • Fixed: VFX: Banding issues are present on objects casued by light/shadow calculations.
  • Fixed: VFX: Game table model shows low quality in VR, but high quiality in non-vr.
  • Fixed: VFX: Textures of all items in the default room used to be high-quality, now they are not.
  • Fixed: VFX: Materials in the default room are too reflective.
  • Fixed: VFX: Texture normal maps are not being treated as normals (e.g. holes are flat without depth).

Known issues

  • Core: Chess AI takes between 3 to 10 seconds when making decisions. This is too long in compare to other chess games available on the market. Chess is only available in multiplayer, until the AI is fully improved.
  • Core: The score system is disabled. This will be published once it is decoupled from Steamworks.
  • Core: The hand models and interactions are disabled in this build (will enable them again once the new input system and custom interactions are fully implemented).
  • Core: Unable to pick up checker pieces with the pinch gesture.
  • Multiplayer: Players cannot create private rooms. This feature is disabled in the current release due to bugs. It will be released once the bugs are fixed.
  • Multiplayer: In online multiplayer, the interactable room objects might disappear when the room host leaves the room.
  • SFX: When interacting with checker pieces and boards the SFX is not audiable!
  • VFX: Backgammon board triangles are not correctly positioned.
  • VFX: Guide poster does not show the Tic-Tac-Toe rules (side note: this might change in the near future with the upcoming tutorial content).

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop a line in any of social platform of your choice. For urgent cases or if you just want to chat, visit the artArmin Discord server (or artArmin Twitch livestreams).


Thank you for playing the game and your continuous support.

Board Games VR

Play board games in virtual reality. backgammon, checkers, etc.

Developer: artArmin

Publisher: artArmin