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Update Notice - Sep 17th From 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM(GMT)

Posted by: mjc825925 on steam_community_announcements September 16, 2020

Dear Lords and Ladies,

We will have an update at around 3:00 AM (GMT) on Sep 17th to fix a few bugs and make several improvements. The server maintenance will last for 4 hours or more. During the maintenance, you will be unable to enter game. We suggest all royal lords use a 4 Hrs or higher level Truce in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will send compensation via mail after the maintenance.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Here are the contents of this update:

1. New Features
- Added New “Awakening” System for Commanders. “Awakening” will be available for some of the commanders after this update. The rest of the Commanders will have their awakening available step by step in the future. Once specific commander’s Awakening is available, the Royal Lords/Ladies that owns Golden Quality will be able to activate their Awakening. For more information, please check the in-game guidance.
- Added New Daily Event in “Benefit” menu. Royal Lords and Ladies can obtain special tokens from daily events.

2. Improvements
- Improved matchmaking mechanism of the Champion City Siege Event, the upcoming event will be more exciting and intense than before.
- Improved chance of obtaining Equipment Materials from defeating Rebel Groups.
- Improved chance of obtaining Oldtown Bowman Medals from defeating Elite Rebel Groups.
- Improved chance of obtaining Equipment Materials from defeating Rebel Leaders.
- “Album” in Dragon Isle screen has been removed, rewards from exploration were correspondingly increased. The compensation of removal of Album will be sent through mail in the next seven days for every Royal Lords and Ladies.
- The quests and rewards of the events in top right of the main screen: “Resources Gathering”, ”Raising an army”, ”Expedition against Rebel Leaders”,” Best effort”, etc. will be moved into the latest daily event in Benefit menu.
- The exchange shop of the following events in "Benefit" menu will be removed in two weeks after the update: “Honorable Duty”, “Eternal Glory”. Please use the tokens of these while the events are still available.
- Improved the way contents are refreshed in “Chroniclers”, no longer requires to drag the page to refresh the content.
- Improved some other game experience and GUI.

3. Bug Fixes
- Fixed the issue that some of the Royal Lords and Ladies did not carry Entrance points when joining match in Ultimate Conquest.
- Fixed the issue that some of the Royal Lords and Ladies cannot see their joined customized chat group.
- Fixed the issue that some of the Royal Lords and Ladies cannot relocate to another kingdom due to the sent Wedding Invitation.
- Fixed the issue that in the Growth screen of the Dragon Isle, the number of essence was not refreshed in time.
- Fixed the display issue of all stat list in “Refinement” System.
- Fixed the issue of not being able to rename with a Lord name of containing spaces.
- Fixed some other minor bugs.

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