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Patch Released - Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes (Build 1.2.41)

Posted by: Tim on steam_community_announcements May 24, 2020

Additional Fixes in Verison 1.2.70

  • Added effect copying for single effects and all effects on a layer.
  • Added script properties to count down preset for easier use.
  • Added better error message when Steam subscription limit of 15k is hit.
  • Fixed playlist scroll bar disappearing on some languages when the resolution is too small.
  • Fixed update not re-starting as x64 (will only work *after* this update).
  • Fixed pagination in asset browser.
  • Fixed thumbnails not rebuilding if source file is newer.
  • Fixed font rendering sometimes showing messed up characters.
  • Fixed imported masks not being editable and being reset on paint.


Hey all,

after the creator's update, we are releasing a smaller patch today to fix some issues and improve the performance of the user interface.

Preview image cache

We have added a thumbnail cache to the browser of Wallpaper Engine which can improve performance quite a lot if you have a lot of wallpapers with large thumbnail images. When opening the browser for the first time, it will have to generate all thumbnails from scratch, so it may perform poorly for a minute on some systems but the performance will improve drastically afterwards.

Fix for unusual Windows user names

The last update caused some issues for users that have used some unusual characters in their Windows user name or in the installation path of Steam or a game library. This caused issues with the instant wallpaper cache and the loading of the Wallpaper Engine config file. If you have had this issue, this patch will fix that - but unfortunately you will have to go through the issue one more time as Wallpaper Engine and Steam will fix any broken paths. This process may take up to a minute because Steam can be slow to respond on some systems affected by this issue. This does not require any downloading of files, you just need to wait for Steam to respond to Wallpaper Engine which can take up to a minute.

Full Changelog

  • Fixed issue with unusual paths / user names.
  • Added preview image performance cache.
  • Improved Water Flow effect.
  • Fixed approved trophies not showing up in asset browser.
  • Changed default asset browser sorting to top rated.
  • Fixed local wallpapers without preview not showing no preview image anymore.
  • Fixed gif/jpg extension issue when importing previews.
  • Added automatic cropping and resizing of imported project previews.
  • Added alert to asset publish modal to further try and reduce wrong uploads.
  • Fixed user votes not being returned to UI.
  • Added viewport options to particle editor.
  • Forced layers from asset packs to be visible on import and unlocked.
  • Fixed help menu being disabled.
  • Translation updates.

[h2]Support Notes[/h2]

  • If Wallpaper Engine is turned off while playing PUBG, Rainbow Six or other games with the BattlEye anti-cheat, it is due to an issue in BattlEye itself which causes it to terminate Wallpaper Engine when Nvidia's low-latency mode is enabled on your systems. On some systems, this does not seem to be easily fixable, you should contact BattlEye support directly.
  • If you have any issues, please have a look at our FAQ which covers the most frequent support requests we receive:
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