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Update 1.22

Posted by: One Man Army Games on steam_community_announcements September 14, 2020

Update 1.22 is live bringing local Hi-Score tables plus the usual assortment of fixes and tweaks.

Here's the detailed changelog:

[h3]Patch notes[/h3]
  • Added a per difficulty level "Hi-Score" table under the "Scrapyard" Main Menu entry. If you have a saved game in progress the "Kill Count" stat won't take into account enemies destroyed prior to this update.
  • Increased amount of rocket ammo carried by MRL equipped LAV type enemies.
  • Fixed bug where the initial part of the ending sequence wouldn't display properly if the hidden movement screen was being shown at the time.
  • Mounting a lighter Hull or Chassis would allow you to keep large weapons mounted on incompatible (smaller) hardpoints. Incompatible weapons are now dismounted.
  • Fixed enemies being able to melee through the ground when navmesh polys overlapped in the y-axis.

Have fun!

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Dead Hand - August 9, 2020

Here's a hotfix for an issue where destroyed enemy hulls could keep "phantom" weapons mounted and, when kept stored in the inventory, would prevent the savegame from loading.

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Dead Hand

Dead Hand is a turn based tactical roguelike game set in a fully destructible procedural environment. Guide your Autonomous Weapons Platform in a fatalistic trek through a multiple level underground cave complex in order to fulfill your directives.

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