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Hunting for artifacts

Posted by: skaarjg on steam_community_announcements July 30, 2020


Scientists of Zone announced the hunt for artifacts! For the purposes of the scientific experiment, only artifacts of the "alpha" group and only the pickups are counting; all the collected artifacts stalkers are free to use as they want.

Only the first pick up of an artifact from anomaly is counting, while artifacts that stalkers themselves threw doesn't count.

The following artifacts of the "alpha" group are of interest to scientists: Screen, Pillow, Shield, Resin, Antigrav, Stabilizer, Vezuvius, Haze, Heater, Conductor.

Stalkers of three servers (RU, Steam PvP, Steam PvE), who will make the most pickups from 00:00 on 01.08.20 to 23:59 on 02.08.20 (Moscow time), will receive prizes:

"Night Wolf" Backpack (30 days)
Subspace Store (7 days)
Old Stalker's Journal (14 days)

The first 15 stalkers in the top will get special prize:
Syringes with Cure for Sporosis (box)
"sZone" Pin - 40 pcs.

Good luck!

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