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v2.25 Patch Notes

Posted by: Mindrend on steam_community_announcements July 12, 2020

  • Fixed bug where wand hints would disappear after looking at them
  • Fixed issue with copy object hint getting stuck on
  • Fixed issue with free placement mode send object to max placement distance erroneously
  • Fixed issue where player gets sent to scene origin before loading new scene
  • Fixed bug in Player Rig startup sequence that caused head follower collider to not initialize
  • Fixed bug where player height was being set erroneously in Direct movement mode, causing Player to jump up on objects
  • Adjusted comfort vignette to work at lower linear speeds

As always please let me know if you encounter any issues, I am always willing to help. [email protected]

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v2.24 Patch Notes

VR Model Viewer - July 2, 2020

Fixed issue with multi threaded import control not completing if model had invalid data

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