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Steam Weeklong - Telefrag VR 40% OFF!

Posted by: Matt_Anshar on steam_community_announcements April 20, 2020

Feeling bored during #StayHome? Enjoy #TelefragVR - compete with your friends no matter the platform thanks to cross-play feature. FRAG ON!󠀥


We've lowered the price of Telefrag VR so you can catch up and try our newest map - Labyrinth (you can read more about the map, and it's creation here).

See you on servers!

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Telefrag VR is on a Week Long Sale!

Telefrag VR - July 14, 2020

#StayHome and score some frags in Telefrag VR this week! 60% off till the end of the week!

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Telefrag VR

Telefrag VR is a hellishly fast-paced shooter with visceral movement and combat mechanics. Dash, shoot, and teleport around unique arenas that feature impossible geometry where there is no right side up and death can come from any direction.

Developer: Anshar Studios

Publisher: Anshar Studios