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Mini Story Pack #1: Secrets of Mugwood is now live!

Posted by: smelgren on steam_community_announcements April 29, 2020

Mini Story Pack #1: Secrets of Mugwood is now live! The Pack can be purchased for $9.99 through the in-game cash shop. To buy it, open your Player Menu, toggle to the tab for the in-game cash shop (piggy bank icon), and select the Secrets of Mugwood icon.

We made the decision to offer the Pack through the cash shop instead of on the Oculus or Steam storefronts so those who play across multiple platforms will only have to purchase the content once. As the purchase will be tied to your account at the Orbus level, the Mini Story Pack content will be accessible to alt characters as well.

After purchasing the Pack, you should receive a quest directing you to speak with Gormina, a new NPC who can be found in Pierre Cenn’s Critter Capture shop. In addition to handing out the overarching quest for the Pack, Gormina will also give you a new tool called the micronizer to help you on your journey. Try out the micronizer in Pierre’s shop to access a mini tutorial version of the shop where you can learn to climb. Once you’ve returned to normal size, it’s time to head out into the overworld to find the first location to shrink down and let the adventure truly begin! As for the rest...we'll let you see for yourself.

The dev team has been hard at work on the Mini Story Pack over the last couple months, and we are excited to finally share these new worlds with you! We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Pack.

For more in-depth info, check out the Secrets of Mugwood Patch Notes.

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