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Patch 11.56 - Bugfixes Improvements

Posted by: Daynab on steam_community_announcements May 7, 2020


We are pushing out a client and server side patch today around 11 AM CST. It includes the following fixes:

  • Added additional mob spawners to Mugwood and Thorndell Meadow

  • Updated ambiance sounds for Hollow’s Creek and Thorndell Meadow

  • Made soldier at bottom of the ramp you speak with to start patrol field escort quests show at all times
    This should help us track down the problem better for players stuck on Patrol The Fields 2

  • Fixed issue with market stall items being purchased through auction house sometimes losing metadata
    This was causing crated treasure maps bought through the auction house that were listed through a market stall to not deliver properly and should be fixed now

  • This should also fix the problems with some dragons not having the proper meta data (color, size, traits, etc) when sold through market stalls

  • Updated the gray bard note to orange to help visibility in dark places

  • Fixed spiderling dye icon and a few other corrupt icons

  • Fixed orb placement at end of musket barrel on new weapons for the DLC

  • Updated Razor Wasp hitbox

  • Added additional client logging to track down Unity exemption bugs

  • We are spending the upcoming weeks to remove exceptions and errors we are receiving through the new crash reporting we implemented a couple months back

  • Updated Treasure chest drops to ensure you always receive at least 1 item

  • We have also pushed out a potential fix yesterday for the escort quest “Patrol the Field II (Side Quest)” that some players have been able to complete while others have not. We are still looking for any more information players can give if they are stuck on that quest not completing.


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