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Summer Build - now out!

Posted by: Summer on steam_community_announcements June 18, 2020

It's been a few months, hasn't it? Well, let's go down the list...

As always, if you want to get to the new content quickly, just access Debug-Chan with (Return + E). Select the first option and you'll be warped right after completing Valuna, where Issac has arrived and is trying to kidnap Lily....

* There's a ton of new content dealing with Scylla and Issac. Like, a ton. Lily is cute, too. Please excuse the bugs and missing animations - I have a TON of art I need to draw up for these scenes still.

* Kaiden is now a playable boss. He has a complex moveset that I'm just not completely done with, but he'll give you a run for your money. See if you can survive 90 seconds in the room with him!

* If you start before Valuna, there is a new set of slides of Alma being adorable with Leto.

* I redid the health bar UI. It needed to be smaller. This was really obvious to me in the Kaiden fight.

* A ton of audio was tweaked or redone. Now, I do need to turn up the volume on that...again.... :V

Next - I have a ton of animations to draw up. Like Melody knocking Issac out. And fleshing out the Aberration ship before you fight Kaiden.

Y'all at the best,

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