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What to expect from the next major expansion (Part 6)

Posted by: _K_o_S_ on steam_community_announcements May 27, 2020


Despite the fact that in the next major expansion we make a huge emphasis on statistics, many other game elements will be improved as well.

Today I want to talk about how the substitutions mechanics will be improved.

Visualization of substitutions, injuries and cards

Earlier, when the substitution took place, you learned about it from the fast-moving text at the bottom of the screen. This was not obvious, especially if the substitution was made by your opponent.

Same with injuries and cards. You might have missed when a footballer was sent off the pitch.

Now, the game will be showing when such events happen.


We prepared different poses for substitutions, so they can be selected depending on the game context: footballers can leave the pitch being happy or disappointed.

Sure thing, the poses for the yellow and red cards will be different as well. For us, details matter.

Substitutions while stopping time

Earlier, in order to make a substitution before performing, for example, a free kick, you had to very quickly press the “Substitution” button before the free kick mechanics started.

In the next expansion, we introduce the concept of 'Stopping Time.' Now, while you have not moved a single player during the free kick, penalty kick or the throw-in, you can make a substitution.

The game will show when the instant substitution is available.


Additional information about the situation on the pitch

Despite the fact that you quickly get used to the 'Skills are not available after kick off' rule, some players complained that they constantly forget about it. Therefore, now we will inform you when skills are not available. It will be shown at the bottom of the screen.


Also, now we will inform you about what phase of the penalty/corner/throw-in/free kick you are currently on. You can see that on the screenshot which shows the stopping time.

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If you are glad to find out that the substitutions will be revamped, write about it in the comments, please so we know if it made sense to spend the time on this feature.

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I want to recall you that you can already add Football, Tactics & Glory: Manager's Journey to your Wishlist.

This way you won't miss the moment of its launch.

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