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What to expect from the next major expansion (Part 8)

Posted by: _K_o_S_ on steam_community_announcements June 24, 2020


This is part of a series of articles that talk about the many new features that will appear in the next major expansion. You can find past articles there.

In the comments to the previous news, many of you wrote that you would like to see a screen with the statistics of goals, assists, tackles, saves for all your footballers.

Well, here you go! Such a screen is going to appear in the next expansion. Today I want to show it to you.

Statistics of your footballers


On this screen you will be able to see and compare your footballers by following stats:

  • Matches played
  • Number of Man of the Match awards
  • Goals scored
  • Assists
  • Tackles
  • Saves
  • Cards
  • Injuries
  • Total time of being injured

Moreover, you will be able to sort the table by any of these stats. Here, for example, I've sorted the table by the scored goals:


After sorting I've noticed that my RD Thonis, despite being a full back, scored 1 goal and made 7 assists.

By the way, note that you can filter the table by the tournaments. This will allow you to see data separately for leagues, for cups and for continental cups. Also, you can see separately the data for the entire history and data for the current season.

Statistics of the footballers after the match

A similar screen will be shown after every match:


On the screenshot you can see, that FW Squirrel scored 3 goals, made 1 assist and 1 tackle, and as a result earned the Man of the Match award.

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As usual, if you were glad to see this screen in the game, write about it in the comments. And if you do not care, or not particularly interested - also write. This will make it easier for us to understand your expectations.

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I want to recall you that you can already add Football, Tactics & Glory: Manager's Journey to your Wishlist.

This way you won't miss the moment of its launch.

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