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Hard Bullet Demo is here!

Posted by: JukSteelfly on steam_community_announcements June 18, 2020

We've been working hard on this new VR game Hard Bullet and now want to gather your feedback.

Shoot, kick, destroy, jump, fly, push, blow up and — most important — have fun in this timekilling unstoppable action game!

Visit the Store Page or Steam Festival to get a Demo and start a mess!

Max Payne and F.E.A.R. -inspired gameplay

We always wanted to bring classic PC blockbusters feeling to VR gaming, so expect yourself to jump, slide, do wall jumps and all this in slow motion!

Made with a special attention for dual wielding gunplay so expect various submachine guns, pistols and shotguns. You'll find classic rifles as well.

Destructions and Physics

Inspired by genre-defining classic John Woo movies like Hard Boiled, The Killer, Better Tomorrow, Hard Target

We worked out the best solutions to bring realistic physic destructions and created dozens of unique assets to fill the arenas. Classic locations to mess everything up: offices, warehouses, laboratories.

Current Demo Limitations

  • Please, notice, this is only a Demo Beta Test and does not represent the final Hard Bullet experience.
  • No tutorial. Working on it.
  • Weapons: No auto-reloading animations. No customization and limited interactions. Only a few types available.
  • Enemy AI: Two enemy characters with a very basic intellect.
  • Interaction: Limited character interaction. Object interaction is turned off.
  • Gore and dismemberment are turned off. Blood only.
  • Realtime lighting and shadows are turned off.
  • Inventory: Gun holsters are turned off.
  • Sounds: Most of them are placeholders or not balanced yet.
  • Grenades and explosions are turned off.

Join our Discord

Talk directly to the devs, share your opinion and ideas with us!
Joining Discord will help you to stay on Beta Test after the Festival.

Probably we'll turn the Hard Bullet Demo off and will release an updated version after a while.
To stay on the latest Demo build you can join the Beta Test through our Discord Server.

Wishlist and Follow us on Steam!

Add Hard Bullet Steam Page to your wishlist so you'll be ready when it comes.

Steam Forums Feedback

Visit Hard Bullet Steam Discussion Forums and share your feedback there with us!


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