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Gull-Friend Update 3.2 Released

Posted by: Dave on steam_community_announcements June 3, 2020

Ahoy drifters!

We're pleased to announce that we have another update ready for you all. This update reworks our little friends, the seagulls!

Starting this update seagulls aren't an alternative drifter anymore. Instead they now are little helpers that will collect resources for you, if you decide to take care of them.
Freeing them from the landmarks on which they are in distress will have them join your community. Building a Birdhouse and filling it with raw fish will motivate them to automatically collect flotsam for you, freeing up your drifters for other tasks.

Enjoy the new update!

[h2]Change Notes[/h2]

  • Added construction:
    * Birdhouse: A hub for your seagulls.
  • Camera locking now works for objects not on sea-level.


  • Reworked seagulls:
    * Seagulls have no quirks anymore.
    * Seagulls can't haul anymore.
    * Seagulls now live in the birdhouse.
    * Seagulls living in a birdhouse salvage flotsam automatically (when fed).
    * Seagulls only eat bird food (made from fish delivered in the birdhouse).
    * Seagulls will leave if they haven't been fed in a while.
    * Seagulls can be set free now.
  • Birdhouse:
    * Gives you an overview of the seagulls living there.
    * Allows you to house and feed seagulls.
    * Allows you to indicate which resources your seagulls should salvage.
  • Added 2 new landmarks where you can rescue seagulls.
  • Added "Animal Care" assignment.


  • Incremented fish school size from 10 to 15.


  • Updated animations for seagulls.


  • Added selection sound for Birdhouse.
  • Added item drop sound for seagulls.
  • Added eating sound for seagulls.
  • Added hungry alert sound for seagulls.
  • Added sleeping sound for seagulls.
  • Added sound for trapped seagulls.
  • Added wing flap sounds for seagulls.


  • Updated survival guide pages.
  • Added survival guide page for seagulls.
  • Capacity bars now include outgoing items in count.
  • Updated sleep bar color.


  • Increased performance of loaded saves. A project kept restarting when loading a save, causing performance to decrease the more you saved.
  • Reduced amount of checks to see if a project could be started.


  • Seagulls from previous savegames will be converted to the new seagulls.


  • Fixed issue where %HOTKEY% text in button tooltip wasn't correctly parsed.
  • Fixed issue where oil wasn't salvageable anymore.
  • Several issues related to the old gameplay of seagulls will also be resolved by this update.

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