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Ideology in Friction Append Is Now Available!

Posted by: Swaps4 on steam_community_announcements May 23, 2020

We're excited to announce that Ideology in Friction Append by ONEONE1 is now available with a 10% off discount!

Ideology in Friction Append is a DLC for Ideology in Friction that features 81 New Event CGs, alterations to existing story events, and an entirely new chapter revolving around Sachiyo and Zepp during their first encounter!

Ideology in Friction Append requires the base game Ideology in Friction.

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Ordeal of Princess Eris

When the evil empire Flosein invades her kingdom, princess Eris manages to escape with her life. Seeing her castle burn, she vows to retake her beloved kingdom no matter the cost.

Developer: Asakiyumemishi

Publisher: Kagura Games