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Update #0012 Released

Posted by: 1013133 Simulations on steam_community_announcements May 23, 2020

Update #0012 released.

  • Able to change hair.
  • Menu label "scene index." Previously, "index."
  • Added calc button to R1 S-Box Non-0.

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Early Access to Full Release

Operation Deep Magic: Cryptanalysis - May 21, 2020

Operation Deep Magic: Cryptanalysis left Early Access and entered full release. It will continue to receive content updates. Any content requests can be posted in the Discussion. All essential features for performing the core cryptanalysis is implemented.

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Operation Deep Magic: Cryptanalysis

Reconnaissance operatives infiltrated a corporate building and extracted electronics and files encrypted with 56-bit DES. Items were handed over to you, the cryptanalyst. Your mission is to decrypt the files.

Developer: 1013133 Simulations

Publisher: 1013133 Simulations