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Patch v0.2.6.3

Posted by: Oblivionburn on steam_community_announcements May 21, 2020

- Added crop assignment for fields, which the Farmer will take into consideration when planting
- Made the Farmer check all fields for planting and not just the nearest one
- Fixed some general logic errors in the Farmer AI routine
- Made hunger/thirst icons render at the same z level as the NPC
- Replaced the hunger icon with something easier to see
- Slightly increased the size of the thirst/hunger icons
- Fixed villagers not hanging out near their workplace (if they have one) when they have nothing to do

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Patch v0.2.6.2

Your Quest 2 - May 19, 2020

- Fixed small NPCs being drawn over taller ones below them

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Your Quest 2

Gather resources. Build a village and protect your people. Give them jobs to become self sufficient, and arm them to survive the attacks of hungry predators. Explore what lurks beneath the surface, and hope you have prepared well enough to survive it. This is your quest.

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