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Patch 0.981: Forge Update

Posted by: Elite Games Ltd on steam_community_announcements February 27, 2020

There were a lot of changes. Card now highlighted when their extra properties active. Monkey Queen is kinda completed =)

The next step - is a new card editor! Kind of forge where you can merge any cards for a new hero. Along with an option to create new Items.

Also, coop - still in development. Already come up with a name for free DLC that will introduce proper coop battles, coop campaigns, and stuff.

+ Forge: added likes, merged level
+ "Super Armor" - now can be part of daily challenges or custom run
+ adjusted "Super Armor" - can NOT offer cards from heroes that are still under construction
+ changed % of rare cards drop (50%/34%/26% -> 60%/26%/13%)
+ maintenance (forge)

+ fixed Nasus and Revive - when killed by X times attack
+ fixed crash when auto-upgrade procs on the empty deck
+ fixed missing card template for modded heroes
+ added hints to 'start' screen
+ fixed burn(thx Sweetharmany)
+ overhaul (cards in hand)

+ monkey cards 79/79
+ added new mechanic that I'm proud of: Whenever you manipulate this card, add it into your hand instead
+ added highlight for cards that have 'rule' or 'ifSelf'
+ removed numbers from some conditions(1 Calm -> Calm, etc)
+ fixed created cards by choice
+ fixed "Crush Joints"(for new runs)
+ maintenance (HQ/UHQ screens)
+ maintenance (tiles)

+ fixed cards that adds cards
+ fixed "Judgment" card

+ monkey cards 71/79
+ updated art for adventure map
+ maintenance (stances)
At this state - monkey queen is playable.
I'll clean up card descriptions and some stuff in next updates.
I'm also updating art - dont freak out. But let me know if you like it or not.

+ redone loading phase
+ fixed Foreign Influence+
+ maintenance (settings)

+ maintenance (monkey cards)
+ maintenance (card wish)
+ maintenance (armor)

+ added new relics
+ added more art for monkey cards 82/83
+ monkey cards 65/73
+ monkey stances 3/3
+ marked true damage as such(not sure if it a good idea)
+ maintenance (mech cards)
+ maintenance (card types)

+ fixed monkey customization
+ fixed energy max tooltips
+ added new relics
+ added monkey potions
+ monkey cards 58/83
+ monkey queen now in testing
Royal Booty Quest

Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, slay monsters, forge new cards and boil new potions. Every bit will help.

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