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MechDefender - Released!

Posted by: Elite Games Ltd on steam_community_announcements March 3, 2020

Time has come - for MechDefender to be released.
It took a while to get here.

This is one of the most colorful projects for me. While it is a good, solid hero tower defense game. Development of it went in a couple of dark places.

This is a 5th part of the "Red Storm" games verse.
First one - "Red Storm" was a room crawler, with a story dedicated to finding Lenin AI. We made it with a few friends from my Uni, back in 2009.
Then there was a sequel in 2010. Then I decided, since I have this robots, why not add zombies and make a tower defense game? So "Zombies vs Robots" was born(2011). Then, ofc, there was a sequel in 2012. Those all - flash-games era.

After that, when Steam announced Greenlight - I decided it is a good idea to release the next chapter of "Red Storm" on Steam. "MechDefender" was born that day.

That the reason why you can find "pieces" of MechDefender all over the internet - all those flash-games before.

Helping me - was one of my early students. He was not a real student, 20+ something. Just a fellow struggling coder who needed help to get into game development. So I helped him with that. He was working on porting MechDefender, and at the same time, he was working on his game, in secret. Within some time, he released his game, and gave up "MechDefender". Things happen =( After some time I picked up it, and finished development on my own.

Like a problem with production was not enough so at some point one French guy decided to sell 1500 keys to some Spanish guy for 80$.
I was like - "I'm not interested in that". So they both keep a grudge. They decided to fight me in www - spreading rumors and rallying angry ppl on forums and youtube, how they were scammed by a developer. (but actually they were the one who was abusing Steam Cards and trying to scam me).

So, at some point that French guy swapped MD keys with some other game - where a developer was ok to sold keys for few cents. But, since this is the internet - some SJWs keep writing to me even after. One good Russian read all this and sent me 80$. I spent it to expand my studies operation.
(sorry for using country tags - I found it is easier to use them to distinct ppl in that mess)

Even this is a project that was developed with my students - and this is a maximum sale week for this game. I set 30% for this one couple of years ago. And I can not change that atm.

If this is too expensive for you - pm me in Discord or VK or TG, I'll send you a key.

All my games this week in the sale!
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Developer: Badim

Publisher: Badim