Grindwheel Games Merchandise on Shark Robot!

Posted by: grindwheelgames on steam_community_announcements March 25, 2020

We are all very excited to announce that the cover art for all three Grindwheel Games titles can now hang on your wall as glorious, framed prints available through Shark Robot!


This collection will hopefully expand as time goes on, most especially when the new cover for Red Ripper becomes available. But, there are also plenty of other striking and sinister pieces of page art which could end up hanging on your walls.

Visit Shark Robot today through the following link, and check out all of the Grindwheel Games prints available now!
The Hunter's Journals - Blissful Ignorance

A desperate cry for help...can YOU solve the mystery?

Developer: Grindwheel Games

Publisher: Grindwheel Games