Devlog #006: Wall blasters

Posted by: Chocolate Pinecone on steam_community_announcements March 26, 2020

This took way longer than anticipated. I'm not finished yet, but the wall blasters are well underway.
Wall blasters will periodically shoot a bullet in the direction they're facing. That's about it.
It sounds simple, but shooting a bullet, bullet impact and integrating wall blasters in the editor really took a lot of time.
The wall blaster paved the way for a lot of future stuff in different ways. For example, I didn't have any code that restricts placement in the editor. Wall blasters need to be mounted on a tile, which means they can't be placed in mid air.
I now built a generic way of checking if a spot adheres to specific rules.

Checking if a collision happened with a specific type of object (a bullet for example) was also not possible, so I also built a generic solution for that as well.

I can't even remember all the other needed stuff, this all took too long.

Here's how it looks now! Don't pay attention to the ugly bullet:


As you may have noticed, I moved my devlog to here instead of the forums. I decided to do so because this is more visible to users. In case you want to see past posts, feel free to check out the link!

See ya!

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