Controller Support Update

Posted by: Akuno on steam_community_announcements March 26, 2020


Hey guys,
The game has controller support now.
Also, some other quality of life improvements were added.
Here is a patch list:

- Controller support, on player movement, UI navigation and icons
- Thinner tree trunks so the player doesn't collide with them as much
- The wall turret bot plays a louder warning sound, and takes longer to shoot the laser
- Bullets lost on reloading are shown dropping out of the gun.
- Money doesn't collide with bullets anymore
- Reduced Obstacles HP
- Y axis inversion option

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Early Access is here!

Vapormaze - February 26, 2020

The game is gonna be released into Early Access in a few moments from now. This is the first step in a series of things that are planned for Vapormaze.

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vapormaze is a roguelike shooter in a vaporwave maze. To escape, you have to carefully manage your ammo, health, items and upgrades. All while shooting and blowing up bad robots. Death is permanent.

Developer: Felipe Rodrigues

Publisher: Felipe Rodrigues