A Sign of Things to Come

Posted by: Another Yeti on steam_community_announcements March 25, 2020

A few fixes/changes, and a new suggested feature that seemed fun. I'm hoping to have the capacity to do small features like this between larger updates as development moves along.


  • Bored pets will now follow arrow signs

  • Pets no longer need to see an elevator to run into it. This should make pet behavior near elevators much more consistent. Previously, if they weren't facing the elevator, they couldn't see it and wouldn't go in.

  • Fix game not booting back to menu when server connection fails
  • Potential fix for saves dissappearing when over 1 MbB
  • Pets no longer stuck in place when they have nothing to do

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Industrial Petting is the chance for you and your friends to explore an alien world, find new pets, get them to love you, and sell them on the galactic market. Build factories to make more creatures, farms to feed them, and gadgets to entertain them.

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