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Posted by: Barracuda Joe on steam_community_announcements March 23, 2020

[h2]Dotty here! We are glad to announce the upcoming release of the novel we've been working on for almost 2 years. (yeah, it's not Totem City you hoped for, we know, sorry, we've ran into some difficulties again, apart from the game being already finished late November). This novel about the guy, who learnt a way to possess other people's lives, it turned out pretty cool, we think. ;3 The game is going to be released this April and it already got its steam page, so you can add it to a wishlist so you won't miss it.[/h2]

Speaking of other news, we are preparing 2 nukige to be released on Steam pretty soon, the first one is called "Throne of Succubus" and the other "Swordsman Tournament", we've already finished English localization for the first one, so it's gonna come out pretty soon. \(★ω★)/

Swordsman Tournament is our collaboration project with Salamandra88, which is going to be something like Puzzle Quest, but with cute girls to battle with. :3
Here are some concepts and screenshots:

One of the contestants - Shisuka

Tournament overseer

[h2]Oh, and Salamandra is currently finishing her otome novel called "Heiress of Sorcery", we already made steam page for it too, so you can watch the trailer and add it to your wishlist too C: [/h2]

[h2]So yeah, soon we'll keep you home with some of our cool games to come, so be well, friends. o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o [/h2]

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Never give up!

Someone is killing half-bloods (half-elves, half-humans) in a small city. The protagonist, a young half-blood girl called Mia Silverlight, falls into a whirlpool of events.

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