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DevBlog #4 "How I met my cabinet"

Posted by: Intuition on steam_community_announcements March 2, 2020

Welcome to America,

I am your President and I’ll be your guide. Fasten your seatbelts and brace yourself, since there is a lot to explain.


Let’s start with this neat new office of mine. Lovely isn’t it? Developers made sure that it looked exactly as it should.

Here I will be able to listen to petitioners, make some important decisions and use a lot of cool features that help me managing the country. You can sit a bit on a sofa (just take a look at those comfy cushions!), but don’t drag your feet, for we have yet much to see.



I know that the picture below looks kinda odd, but hey – the result is what matters, right? And I can assure you that the result will be astonishing, since I have hired the story designers myself. So this is how they, more or less, create a plot:


Branching dialogues allow me to approach various scenarios in different ways. In the end it’s all about freedom of choice! Prepare yourself to participate in many engaging stories – would they be the ones that last for several weeks, fixed events such as midterm elections, or even the random one-day length affairs – they are all waiting for your discovery.

Remember – this is the game of consequences. Make right choices, or deal with the effects!


Hey, let’s stop by for a chat with Judy Larson, one of the many cabinet members to choose from!


You can diversify the cabinet and pick the politicians that appeal to you. Use recommendations, get to know people or simply sink into their stories hidden between the lines. Would you guess that Judy is The Lord of the Rings fan, huh?

All cabinet members can affect your statistics, for better and for worse. They will also visit you on a daily basis, so better get used to them.
There are twenty one positions and over sixty candidates. Who will you choose to be in charge of your country? It’s all up to you. Well, and me – obviously.


Our ride is slowly coming to an end, but don’t worry, we will pick you up again! Next time we can discuss technology development while chilling on Air Force One, how do you like that? Yeah, that sounds nice, doesn’t it? So – talk to you soon!


... Wait. I almost forgot about the most important thing (devs, please don’t be mad!). If you want to establish a direct form of contact, join me at my Discord server (Discord Link). There you will be able to hear more about our plans, share your ideas and meet people with similar interests!

But what is most tempting – Discord channel members will be the first one to get to know the anticipated date of the IAYP premiere! Yes, the info is coming soon – be sure not to miss it!

That’s all for now – see y’all soon!

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