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Devblog #5: Arrested development

Posted by: Intuition on steam_community_announcements March 17, 2020

Oh! You actually came! Welcome aboard Air Force One!

I’m afraid it’s just you and me; none of the numerous hot singles from my area showed up in the end…

I’ve always loved flying, you know? People look like ants from up here. They act like ants too, lifting their skinny fists like antennas to heavens… Towards me, their President.

When I was a kid I used to look down and examine their little routines and struggles. And from my perspective I could make all the choices that ultimately determined their livelihood: do I share a piece of candy or pierce their nest with a stick?

And you know what? Ruling a nation is no different than being a god to some anthill. You just have to map out your choices and give them a cool name, like… I don’t know, maybe:

[h2]Development Strategy[/h2]
Now take a look! Seems pretty complicated, right?


I thought so too, which is why I asked my loyal Devs* to add cool little icons and descriptions to make it more President-friendly:


Just a quick glance can show you how many turns it will take to finish, how much it’ll cost and which sector will get affected.


Don’t be fooled though: these decisions matter and they certainly will affect the nation’s future! For example, I, characterized by my tremendous smartness, from the day one realized that if I invest enough in the economy, I can just focus on stirring drama on screecher instead of worrying about all the boring stuff!

Some naysayers from my cabinet keep telling me that “we’re exhausting our financial reserves” and that “even with limitless budget it’d be impossible to develop everything within just two presidential terms,” but I’m developing an AI to replace them. After all, with enough time and money everything’s possible! Look!

Spies? Check. Nukes? Check! Mechs? Check! More taxes? Check! Political blackmail? CHECK CHECK CHECK! I could go on forever!

Oof! I’m getting worked up already! But look, we’re about to land! Great timing too, now that you have the signal you can use it to connect to our Discord server: Link


Either way, we’re going to continue our conversation soon, unless some (allegedly) COMPLETELY UNFORSEEABLE TRAGEDY CUTS MY PRESIDENCY SHORT! (wink, wink)

*Thanks for feedback! ;)

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