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Astrobase Command 0.4.3 Closed Beta Patch Notes

Posted by: Jellyfish Games on steam_community_announcements March 21, 2020


We have now released the second (non-hotfix) beta update.

Also, this week we put out an upgrade path for Kickstarter backers who want to get to play the beta.
If that’s you, check the updates on Kickstarter!

Anyway, here’s the patch notes for Astrobase Command 0.4.3 Closed Beta:

New Features

— Can now pin desk objects closer to the camera.
— Font upgrade in progress.
— Smog should no longer build up as fast.
— Many bug fixes.
Astrobase Command

As the invisible administrative hand of an Astrobase in a forgotten corner of the universe, your crew depend on you for their survival.

Developer: Jellyfish Games

Publisher: Jellyfish Games