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Updated both the regular build AND the demo!

Posted by: Summer on steam_community_announcements March 8, 2020

I just got done with Retrofest 7! Please enjoy a fresh build of the game on both fronts!

Love the game and want your friends to check it out? Tell them to try the demo. :)

Own the game and want to see what I have been working on? Go to the debug room. \( ̄︶ ̄*\))

(Spoilers I've started on the Kaiden fight - the final villain for the game!)

Y'all at the best,

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Mercenary Leto

A science-fantasy action platformer with a nostalgic pixel look. Travel the galaxy with a cast of memorable and endearing characters, ride one fluffy dragon, and stumble onto a plot to stop dragon poachers.

Developer: dragonGlitch Games LLC

Publisher: dragonGlitch Games LLC