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Bug fixes

Posted by: _K_o_S_ on steam_community_announcements February 25, 2020


Despite the fact that we are now actively working on an add-on to FTG, in recent months several bugs have accumulated that we would like to fix in the main version of the game.

  • The Amateur Goalkeeper should have had a 10% bonus to Control, but there was no such bonus in the match. Fixed.
  • In Footballpedia, the information about zones of CF's actions and zones of CF's experience was wrong. Fixed.
  • In statistics of Hot-seat tournaments, in the field "Team with the nerves of steel" the penalty shootouts were taken to account. But it made the whole field pointless. Fixed. Not, the field shows only the penalties taken in the course of a match.
  • The fields "Most unfortunate" and "Least disciplined" in the stats of the hot-seat tournament showed wrong information. Fixed.
  • In the matches, we increased slightly the priority for performing crosses for AI.
  • Added several new rare formations for AI.
  • Optimized the animations subsystem. Now, the animations should work more fluently on the old PCs.
  • Fixed rare situations which led to two players appeared in one tile after Layoff Pass.
  • AI sometimes didn't take to account an offside when performing Layoff Pass. Fixed.
  • If a player opens the career screen f the footballer who ended his career, the game crashed. Fixed.
  • The game crashed if a player pressed Left and Right mouse buttons simultaneously on the button Back in some screens. Fixed.
  • In some cases, when there weren't enough footballers in a team, the game crashed. Fixed.
  • Added the translation for the team names to Chinese. (Thanks, Yucheng He!)
Football, Tactics & Glory

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