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Alpha Patch 1.5.8

Posted by: Slimwaffle on steam_community_announcements February 28, 2020

--Patch 1.5.8--
Hello beautiful people
Alpha build 1.5.8 is now live. There are a few areas that were focused on for this one. Multi-language support is now implemented. Performance was another focus point. And adding small amounts of polish to a lot of different areas was another point of focus.
For this patch, I was able to get the game running a lot better and using a reduced amount of resources. As a result, I was able to lower the minimum requirements for the game. Also install size was reduced significantly.
I reached out to get some help from some other developers on the performance stuff in the shape of different ideas to try and would like to give a shout out to; Matt, Pat, High five, James and Matt W.
Some notes for this patch; old saves won’t work. It is recommended that people play either using Vsync or frame capping (It uses less GPU).
Let’s jump into the patch notes.
--Patch Notes—
• 15 languages are now supported (English, Arabic -World, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish -Denmark, French – France, German – Germany, Greek – Greece, Italian – Italy, Japanese – Japan, Portuguese – Portugal, Russian – Russia, Spanish – Spain, Swedish – Sweden) – This feature required re-writing every single script the game uses.
• Cleaner GUI
• Performance increase (increased by 100 FPS)
• Rednecks open doors
• Can now rotate doors when crafting
• Day/Night system re-written
• New engine version
• All the foliage has been remade
• All in game textures have been remade
• Smelting iron takes less time
• Bush ambient sounds gone and replaced with a custom ambient music player (The music player will select ambient music randomly from a daytime and night-time play list)
• Lowered footstep volume
• Replaced the hurt sound effects
• Fixed the trader code
• Fixed loot spawning code
• Fixed save and load code for cash
• Improved fast travel code
• Changed menu audio to now play ambient music
• Fixed death bag spawn code bug
• Fixed a bug with changing resolution not working
• Replaced all wood build parts
• Fixed all wood to stone upgrades
• Fixed campfire infinite stack bug
• Campfire now has 5 convert slots
• Fixed volume controls not saving and loading
• Adjusted map code
• Adjusted way-point code
• Replaced the map texture
• Plot poles removed from game
• Beds now also act as fast travel
• Fixed chase range for predatory animals (they don’t chase you endlessly now)
• Fixed AI loot drops (loot will only drop now if the player kills the AI and will no longer spawn if the AI was killed by another AI)
• Melee weapons now have a wider hit detection radius
• Reduced the poly count of every single mesh used
• Added distance fog
• Changed level streaming to improve performance
• Re-wrote every script that used event tick to reduce on frame use.
• Reduced the install size to 3gb
• Trees now fall over after being harvested
• Rocks now crumble after being harvested
• Fixed a bug with exiting the game
• Greatly reduced the minimum requirements to; CPU- Intel (R) Core (TM)2 Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHZ 2.67GHZ, RAM – 4gb, GPU – Nvidia GT1030 2gb

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Outback Survival

Welcome to Australia. Build, Craft, Hunt, Fight. Do whatever it takes to survive. Outback Survival is a single-player Survival experience set in an Australian landscape, that doesn't use zombies and puts as much control as possible into the player's hands.

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