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Industriworks v0.3 is released

Posted by: RootIsDanger on steam_community_announcements February 27, 2020

Hello, new version of Industriworks is come.

A few month ago, when I worked on v0.2.3, I observed, that Industriworks code is full of bugs, so I decided to fully rewrite it. It was a mistake, because this didn't help fix old bugs and added even more bugs.
Now it's v0.3, it is rather a continuation of v0.2 branch. I plan to improve existing content in v0.3.X. And in v0.4 add content.

0. Containers drop contained items.
1. Flowers are destroyed when not on dirt.
2. Apers and deers runs away from player.
3. Removed block drop.
4. Added sinusoidal raising and lowering to drop.
5. Item drop are 3D now.
6. Default block stacksize incrased to 16.
7. Player inventory size increased to 44 slots.
8. Chest slot number increased to 32 slots.
9. Player quick slot box increased to 12 slots.
10. Quick box can be controled by numpad +/-, mouse wheel, keyboard 1...9,0,-,=.
11. Many textures are retextured.
12. Added pretty interblock shadows.
13. New model for heart crystal.
14. Selected slot item are displayed in right-bottom corner of window.
15. Improved light processing and added smooth light.
16. Improved Walking animation on apers, deers, and goblins.
17. MP bar shows MP value in its glass piece.
18. New slot design.
19. Early access, FPS and TPS counters.
20. Now golems and pedestals are made from cabblestone, not stone.
21. Cabblestones are not falling now.
22. Goblins look at player when trading.
23. Angle of view changed from 55 to 70 degrees.
24. Added automatic drop pickuping.
25. Improved the change of night and day.

Technical features:
0. Taktrate (tickrate) increased from 30 to 60 takts per second.
1. World saving is more safe now.
2. Using separate GUI system.
3. Using libccd for physics.

Fixed bugs:
0. Fixed bug when generated wheat has one block target height.
1. Fixed a memory leak when updating strings.

Temporally disalbed:
(this is planned to enabled in future versions).
0. Achievement getting.
1. HP and combat.

Also, old version worlds are not supported due to small content of the game, it is recommended to create new worlds.

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Dig and build in a blocky sandbox world, economize heat in smelter to smelt more resources at once. There is few ores, metals, alloys and other materials, that you can use in your crafting to make powerful tools and golems.

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