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Content Patch: 02/16/2020 - Map 10 Released

Posted by: Huskinator on steam_community_announcements February 16, 2020

Hi all,

A big content patch will be released today which includes a new mission, a new weapon unlock, and many revisions on past missions. ːsteamhappyː

Mission 10 Release
In this mission, Faust and Lo, are tasked with clearing out an illegal Grow House run by the Flamingos and the Tec Dragons. This mission includes a new enemy be careful!


Players who unlock the first bonus objective will also unlock a new weapon to add to their arsenal.


I watched the latest Rambo movie recently.....and thought to myself....I gotta add a bow in my game... Too bad this "inspiration" took nearly 2 weeks to implement ːwinter2019sadyulː and even now it's not exactly perfect (or practical in a gunfight). However, give it a shot in custom mode with slow'll add a new challenge to this already challenging game.

Updates to Previous Missions
Main Menu - Made adjustments to posters so they are easier to read and flicker less.
Map 1 - Meshes and Lighting have been updated.
Map 2 - Lighting changes to make some areas brighter
Map 3 - Added lights to the hallway to remove inconsistent shadows
Map 4 - No changes
Map 5 - Turned this into a "Night-Time" map. The inside of the warehouse is much dimmer, with some dark spots to make the level more intense.
Map 6 - Added posters and signage to give the office more character/flair
Map 7 - Lighting improvements.
Map 8 - Improved lighting in certain rooms. Added more occlusion portals for optimization.
Map 9 - Lighting/optimization updates.

Updated Animations
A lot of the walking animations have been updated. I tried to add a different type of walking type for each gang race.

New idle animations have been added. You will now see idle enemies sitting on couches/toilets/chairs. Or "messing with" cash registers, money stacks etc.

Suicide bombers have new walking/idle animations.

Bug Fixes
- Enemy AI detection changed. It was previously too easy to peek around corners and shoot enemies without them even seeing the VR player. This has been resolved.
- Improved colliders on certain tables and railings so the VR player cannot clip through them
- Fixed Mission 9 Bonus Objective 1 failing even when the executioner is successfully killed

If y'all find any bugs or problems, please let me know...and I'll work on fixing them asap.

Thank you everyone for supporting me so far.

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