Alpha 20.2.14 weekly update

Posted by: NateT_Bird on steam_community_announcements February 15, 2020

[h2]Developer Comment[/h2]
Now players will actually be able to challenge themselves as soon as Lucid Dream is unlocked. There is still a lot more testing and tweaking that needs to be done to the intensity calculation. I want players to be able to push their limits, the intensity calculation will help them know where those limits are.

I want to focus on getting more of the Vision Quest scenarios balanced. It is a very long and tedious process, so I'm going to spread it out between the next few updates (hopefully balancing 5-9 scenarios each week).

I've been considering adding an "enraged" system. The basic idea is that enemies will dynamically become stronger if the player is overpowered. I want to allow the player to feel overpowered, so this would most likely be an "opt in" system. Where the player can choose to enrage the enemies, increasing stats and experience gained. Let me know if you have thoughts about this system.

[h3]New features:[/h3]
* added hotkeys for building towers (same layout as numpad)
* pressing spacebar (the hotkey for play/pause) while the in-game menu is open will close the menu and resume the game
* number of waves in lucid dream can now be increased using a slider (max 100 waves)
* base enemy vitals in lucid are increased the more waves there are by a scalable amount
* increasing the stats of archmage+ now also increases exp multiplier
* added a "custom" enemy preset, this allows for complete control over what enemies spawn in lucid dream mode
* added more buildable locations to vision 5a and 6b
* completely changed the way intensity is calculated, it should not give a more accurate estimate of willpower needed to beat the scenario

* deselecting a tower with left click only works in the playable area
* selecting a tower or enemy while build mode is active no longer gives the invalid build warning
* added a separate warning sound for invalid location and not enough essence
* made it more obvious that you can see the upcoming wave stats
* armor and regen stats no longer hide if equal to 0
* armor, regen, and essence now display the max value (current/max), but only if the values are different
* frost tower description now explains that damage is "split" equally between all targets
* clicking "esc" while the in-game menu is open will close the menu
* minor wording adjustment to "ashes to ashes" skill tooltip
* fixed spelling and capitalization mistakes with the target priority system
* reorganized target priority dropdown order (hopefully to make it more intuitive)
* max base difficulty is 100% (was 110%)
* base difficulty is no longer shown on the scenario select screen
* exp multiplier from difficulty assist is not shown on the exp gain tooltip unless it is less than 1
* challenge level vitals are now a multiplier instead of a percent
* archmage+ stats now increase at bigger intervals
* reorganized some of the lucid dream modifiers
* renamed "enemy group" to "enemy preset"
* lucid dream no longer uses default map lives and essence, instead it uses a base amount of 20 and 200 respectively

* reduced how much easier a scenario becomes when "refocus" is clicked, now 3% (was 5%)
* reduced yellow plastic move speed to 4.5 (was 5)
* reduced water tower attack speed to 4 (was 5)
* reduced max wet stacks to 50 (was 100)
* increased water tower bonus damage per stack of wet to 0.02 (was 0.01)
* increased wet slow per stack to 1% (was 0.5%)
* reduced minimum burn duration to 14 (was 20)
* increased absorber damage to 20 (was 16)
* reduced absorber attack speed to 0.7 (was 0.8)
* changed the default priorities for earth to: best splash, alive after burn, least health, deal most damage, last on path
* enemies no longer give exp from spawning
* slightly increased the difficulty of vision 0 and 1
* reduced the difficulty of vision 3, 5a, 5b,

[h3]Bug fixes:[/h3]
* the in-game menu can only be opened once and only while in a scenario
* restlessness is no longer available in vision quest
* the profile selection progress bars are now more accurate
* archmage+ damage increase actually applies now

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