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Game Update

Posted by: FlynnFlann on steam_community_announcements February 15, 2020

You guys have requested some feature updates, and we've been able to make progress on one of those points, as well as being able to add a fun little extra!

TRADING CARDS - Trading cards now drop from the game! Unlock Steam items!
Turn trading cards into badges which reward items such as emotes and backgrounds!

SAVE POINTS - Players can now save during story decisions! Pick up where you left off!

We would like to also add support for achievements and a gallery mode as well, however there's no confirmation on that yet- it's something we're still looking into.

At least for now we hope the save states and trading cards help improve the game experiences for some of you <3

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HOTFIX- Performance Issue Fixes

Sweet Dream Succubus - Nightmare Edition - May 8, 2020

Alright, maybe not so "hot," but an important fix regardless! We've been working tirelessly on the performance reports you guys turned in- it was trickier to solve than first thought, but after a lot of feedback, testing, and feedback from you guys, we think we've got it!

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