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Solving issues update.

Posted by: chaosavy on steam_community_announcements February 14, 2020

Hey guys!

Thanks for a great launch! I love seeing you guys enjoying the game and discussing it.

I've been through 4 launches now (VD1's early access, VD1's release, VD2's early access and VD2's release) - and each one has been unique, but before I ramble about those let's get to my main focus.

Bugs - especially crash bugs.

[h3]Short Summary:[/h3]
I've enabled additional logging to be generated by the game. This will help me find crash bugs - but this file is generated on your systems so I'll need to get it somehow. When you experience a crash I'll likely ask you for this file via the Bug/Support forum.

[h3]Long version:[/h3]

For those new to the project I keep a "Patch Notes" log -here

Each entry is a upload to Steam and by my count I've fixed 4 crash bugs and a bunch of non-crash bugs.

Now I've attempted to solve quite a bunch more crash bugs - but couldn't reproduce what you guys were getting - this is very frustrating as I get excited about solving a crash bug only to not be able to reproduce it.

On the bright side I had a blast with an elite level Defend Base mission (didn't crash though!) - so it's not all bad :)

So with the help of my brother the game will now generate "dumps" - you can think of these as a snapshot of what the game engine is doing at the moment of the crash.

So when some of you experience crashes and kindly get me the dump file - I'll have a much better chance at fixing a crash bug.

There's a few catches here - you have to have this enabled - but likely you already do. The dump file will probably be too large to email - so you'll likely have to upload it. We'll tackle this as we pursue the crash via the Bug/Support forums together.

So hopefully soon we'll nail a few more crash bugs and move on to polishing the game based on your feed back.

Thank you again for a great launch!


Void Destroyer 2

Start with nothing... End with everything! All you have is a basic ship, barely fit for combat, with it you'll start your journey and empire. A open world space sandbox, inspired by and expanding the classics.

Developer: Iteration 11

Publisher: Iteration 11